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The Ikana Royal Family,[1] also known as Ikana's Royal Family,[2] was the ruling body of Ikana Kingdom in Majora's Mask.


The Ikana Royal Family once governed the Ikana region from the Ancient Castle of Ikana. The King of Ikana and head of the Ikana monarchy, Igos du Ikana, is the only known member of that family. If he had a spouse and children, they undoubtedly made up the other members of that monarchy. In addition, the family probably included the parents, siblings, or extended family of Igos du Ikana. As Sakon says that there are "swarms" of ghosts appearing in Ikana that belong to the Royal Family, the family may have been very large.[2]

The servants of the Ikana Royal Family felt such devotion towards it that they continued to serve the Kingdom even after their death. Notable servants of the Royal Family include the Composer Brothers, Sharp and Flat, who composed the songs connected to that Royal Family,[1] the Royal Soldier Skull Keeta, who protected the Ikana Graveyard and the Royal Family's treasure,[3] and the King's body guards and armies.[4][5] Apparently, Sharp was even willing to sell his soul to the devil in an attempt to revive the Royal Family.[6][7]

The Ikana Graveyard was said to be used exclusively for the burial of members of the Royal Family, which would explain the elaborateness of the tombs.[8] As Igos du Ikana is a skilled swordsman, and inscriptions of two of the graves indicate that a soldier rests within, Ikana Royal Family members may have also served in Ikana's army.[9] This graveyard was also the resting place of the Royal Family's legendary treasures, perhaps being buried with them for the afterlife as practiced by the Ancient Egyptians.[10][3]

When Link arrives in Termina, long after the fall of Ikana Kingdom, he can interact with the King, his servants, and acquire some of the Royal Family's treasures. After overthrowing Igos du Ikana, Link learns the Elegy of Emptiness from him and uses the song to scale Stone Tower. He also acquires a Piece of Heart, the Song of Storms, and an Empty Bottle from the graves in Ikana Graveyard.


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