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Stone Tower is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.(OoT | MM)[1][2] The Stone Tower goes unnamed in Ocarina of Time 3D.

Features and Overview

Ocarina of Time

The Stone Tower is a tall, maze-like vertical structure in the western part of the Forest Temple. It features several ledges throughout its three levels. On the second level, there is a blue Block and arrows painted on the floor leading to a slot in the floor.[3][note 1] By pushing this Block into the slot, Link is able to access the next level in two ways. A Ladder is revealed to be where the Block once was, allowing Link to ascend to half of the third level. Link can also climb the Block to reach a ledge leading to the other half of the third level. This level is divided by a red Block that must be pushed into another slot in the floor by first climbing the ladder and pushing it through a tight hallway toward the wall, then by climbing onto the ledge to push it the rest of the way into the slot. By doing so, Link can access the final, fourth level of the Stone Tower. On the fourth level, there is a silver Eye Switch above a Locked Door that leads to the Twisted Hallway. By shooting the silver Eye Switch with an Arrow, Link can return the Twisted Hallway to normal.

A ledge on the north side of the Stone Tower's first level contains a Door leading from the balcony in the West Courtyard.

In the Master Quest mode, the Stone Tower is mirrored and it features a different set of puzzles. On the second level, there are now two blue Blocks instead of just one. There is also a translucent barrier blocking the ledge leading from the West Courtyard. On this ledge is a Crystal Switch and a Hookshot Target above it. When activated, this Crystal Switch warps the Twisted Hallway and removes the translucent barrier blocking the ledge. The golden Eye Switch is no longer present on the third level. There are also two red Blocks on the third level, requiring Link to climb onto one of the blue Blocks from below and pull it away from its position in order to be able to push the second one into place. On the fourth level, there is a Floor Switch that can be pressed to cause Hookshot Targets towers to rise on the fourth and second levels, with two translucent floating platforms connecting the space between them.


Master Quest

Treasure Chests

There are no Treasure Chests here in the Master Quest mode.
Treasure Chest

Appears atop a ledge on the third level once the golden Eye Switch has been activated

Treasure ChestContentsCoordinatesNotes

Appears atop a ledge on the third level once the golden Eye Switch has been activated

Golden Skull Tokens

Master Quest
Gold Skulltula

Behind the southern wall near the entrance

Gold SkulltulaLocation

Behind the southern wall near the entrance

Majora's Mask

The exterior of Stone Tower from Majora's Mask

The Stone Tower consists of three merged stone buildings located at the northeastern edge of Ikana Canyon in the east of Termina. The Tower is so large it can be seen from the Goron Village of Snowhead and even as far as Romani Ranch. It is filled with a large chasm, Blocks, and Floor Switches. Boulders constantly fall here, making the climb to the top a hazardous one. Near the entrance to the Stone Tower Temple, there is a nearly inaccessible ledge that supports three ReDeads which do not move, and give Red Rupees when defeated. Twelve Jars that contain Fairies and small Magic Jars can also be found here. To reach this ledge, Link can either Hookshot onto the ReDeads or play the "Scarecrow's Song" near the ledge.

To reach the top, Link must make use of the "Elegy of Emptiness" taught to him by Igos du Ikana.[2] The melody, which makes replicas of each of Link's forms, is necessary to press the various Floor Switches around Stone Tower that make several platforms automatically move around the area, allowing the young hero to further continue his way up the Tower. Some of the Floor Switches must be pressed in a certain order, however; otherwise, the platforms will not move in the correct order, making it impossible for Link to progress.

Link must also make extensive use of his Hookshot to grab onto the higher areas of the Stone Tower that are unreachable even with the moving platforms. Once the young hero scales the chasm and reaches the top, he gains access to the Stone Tower Temple. A curious Red Emblem can be found above the entrance to the Temple. When struck with a Light Arrow, it completely flips everything inside the chasm upside down.[note 2] This change does not affect the rest of Termina in any way.

Minor Enemies


  • When the Red Emblem is hit in Majora's Mask, the Stone Tower Temple not only flips upside down, it also mirrors itself as well. Despite this, both the single rooms that Link must flip and the entrance to the Dungeon are only rotated instead of mirrored.


Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
  • Fortezza di Pietra (MM)[4]
  • Fortezza di pietra (MM3D)[5]
  • Stone Fortress
  • Stone fortress
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  1. In all versions of Ocarina of Time prior to Ocarina of Time 3D, the blue block is green instead.
  2. In all versions of Majora's Mask prior to Majora's Mask 3D, the Red Emblem was situated below the Stone Tower Temple entrance instead, located behind one of the moving platforms.


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