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The Road to Ikana is a location in Majora's Mask.[1]

Features and Overview

The Road to Ikana connects Termina Field to the regions associated with the ancient Kingdom of Ikana. It is riddled with gates and the ruins of the Ikana Kingdom. The path is impassible unless Link uses Epona to jump over the many gates. Past the gates, the path branches into a crossroads leading to Ikana Graveyard and Ikana Canyon.

The path to Ikana Canyon is impeded by a large cliff face that can only be crossed after Link has received the Garo's Mask from the Gorman Brothers and has shown the mask to the Poe Collector atop the cliff. Once Link has presented the mask to the Poe Collector, the mysterious man will summon a tree atop the cliff that Link can Hookshot onto, allowing him to enter Ikana Canyon. The road atop the cliff contains several sedentary Boulders as well as multiple mobile Boulders that follow a set path.

Just below the cliff face is a circle of rocks. In Majora's Mask, if Link looks at the rocks while using the Lens of Truth,[2] he will be able to see Shiro, the unnoticeable Soldier. When spoken to, Shiro will ask Link for something that will make him feel better. To do so, Link must give him either a Red Potion or a Blue Potion, which will give the Soldier the confidence to stand out.[3] In thanks, Shiro will give Link the Stone Mask. In Majora's Mask 3D, Shiro is no longer found here, as he is now located in the Pirates' Fortress.

Minor Enemies and Traps



Names in Other Regions
The Italian Republic
Sentiero per Ikana (MM3D)[4]Path to Ikana
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