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The Killer Bees are a gang of four trouble-making boys who live on Windfall Island in The Wind Waker.[1] The gang consists of the leader Ivan, Jin, Jan, and Jun-Roberto.


The Killer Bees like to climb trees and hide behind buildings instead of going to school. Upon first meeting Link, they act arrogant and disrespectful towards him, following him around and taunting him with childish remarks. They are found wandering around the area in between the classroom and Salvatore's Squid-Hunt mini-game.

After agreeing to help their teacher, Mrs. Marie, in talking some sense into them, Link can speak to the group, resulting in a game of Hide and Seek. This is reminiscent of the way Link becomes a member of the Bombers Gang in Majora's Mask.

The hiding spots of each are as follows:

  • Ivan – In the big tree above Maggie's Father. Roll into the tree and Ivan will fall out.
  • Jin – Behind the Bomb Shop. Sidle past the narrow pathway and chase him out into the open.
  • Jun-Roberto – Behind the stone where Tott is dancing. Chase him out into the open.
  • Jan – Hiding near a bush on the ledge near the area where the Killer Bees are found.

After finding all members, Link will gain the respect of the group, and receives a Piece of Heart from them. In addition, they ask Link to go and apologize to their teacher for them,[2] promising to change their attitudes and stop causing trouble.[3] The Killer Bees will then tell Link to find Joy Pendants for Mrs. Marie, for her birthday is coming up soon. They ask this of Link since the Killer Bees do not consider themselves teacher's pets,[4] and apologizing themselves would not fall in line with the gang's style.


  • During the game of "Hide and Seek," Link can climb onto a ledge and use the Deku Leaf to fly to the top of the tree Ivan is hiding in. However, Ivan will ignore Link, even though he is standing in front of him.


Names in Other Regions
キラービー (Kirā Bī) (TWW)[6] 
The French Republic
Abeilles Tueuses (TWW)[8] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Ganz Kleinen Strolche (TWW)[7] 
The Italian Republic
I Fanatici Quattro (TWW)[5]The Fanaticals Four
The Kingdom of Spain
Abejas Asesinas (TWW)[9] 
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