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Library Books are Items in The Minish Cap.[1]

Location and Uses

As their name suggests, they are three books that belong to the Royal Hyrule Library. However, the books are long overdue, and Link must retrieve them from their owners in order to open the way to Librari, a Minish who was able to enter the Temple of Droplets long ago and now lives in the second floor of the Library.[2][3] Once all the books are returned to the librarian, they will be put back on the shelf, allowing Link to speak to Librari and receive the Flippers after passing his trial.[4]

In order to find out who checked out the books, Link must speak to Maggie.

Quest Books

A Hyrulean Bestiary

Main article: A Hyrulean Bestiary
TMC A Hyrulean Bestiary Sprite.png

A Hyrulean Bestiary is the first of three books that Link must retrieve. Julietta took it home in hopes of learning more about her new Cat.[5] Link must enter the House in Hyrule Town with a purple roof and climb the chimney as while Minish-sized to walk across to the House in blue. Once inside, Link must push the Book off the shelf, allowing him to take it back to the Library.

Legend of the Picori

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TMC Legend of the Picori Sprite.png

The second book that Link must find, the Legend of the Picori, is located in Dr. Left's House. When Link speaks to Dr. Left about the book, he claims not to know where it is.[6] To push the Bookcases in his House, Link must shrink to Minish size and enter the Fountain to obtain the Power Bracelets. Afterwards, Link can align the Bookcases in a way that allows him to go into the rafters. Link will find Legend of the Picori here, but he must first help a Town Minish push it down below.[7] Once this is done, Link can retrieve the Book and give it back to Maggie.

A History of Masks

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TMC A History of Masks Sprite.png

A History of Masks is the last book needed to reach Librari, and it can be found in Mayor Hagen's Lakeside Cabin.[8] Located in Lake Hylia, the book is on top of a bookshelf; Link must push it off while Minish-sized.

Other Books

Library Books on shelf

The small Minish settlement on the second floor of the Library is built into one of the bookcases, and while Minish-sized, the Hylian titles can be read.

The posters also contain listings for the following titles.


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