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The Shady Guy is a character in A Link Between Worlds.[name references needed]


The Shady Guy is first seen in Kakariko Village standing below Sahasrahla's House. When spoken to, he behaves defensively, laying claim to his innocence. Later, when Link visits Zora's Domain, a Zora Underling will tell the young hero that he saw a strange guy vaulting over the gap to Zora's Domain.[1] When Link reaches the throne room of Zora's Domain, the Shady Guy runs out from behind the entrance in the waterfall and bumps into the young hero before running away.[2] Moments later, Link learns that the Zora Queen's Smooth Gem was stolen and he is asked to locate it to quell her bloating.[3][4]

Afterwards, the Shady Guy can once more be found below Sahasrahla's house. When Link approaches him, he will turn in the opposite direction and run. As he is too swift, the only way for Link to catch him is to Wall Merge and sneak towards him before reemerging behind him. Upon speaking to him, he apologizes for stealing the stone and claims that he did not know the true value of the stone.[5] He tells Link that he already sold the stone to the Street Merchant and that he already spent the money that he got from selling the stone.[6]

The Shady Guy then tells Link that because his Pegasus Boots make him run at a quick pace, he has been stealing anything he could find. He then opts to give the young hero the Pegasus Boots, knowing that he will not abuse their power.[7][8] Afterwards, he laments over giving away the stone because of its smoothness.[9]


  • The Shady Guy running away from Link in Kakariko Village is a reference to the Running Man in A Link to the Past. While the Running Man can only be caught using the Pegasus Boots in A Link to the Past, the Shady Guy is the one who awards Link the Pegasus Boots in A Link Between Worlds.
  • The Shady Guy is based on the Thieves of A Link to the Past.


Names in Other Regions
Homme louche 
The French Republic
Homme louche 
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Tizio losco[10]Same as English.
Latin America
Tipo raro 
The Kingdom of Spain
Tipo raro 
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