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Telepathy Tiles are objects in A Link to the Past.[1] They are the means by which Sahasrahla, and occasionally Princess Zelda, keep in touch with Link throughout his quest. When Link approaches one of these tiles, he is able to communicate telepathically with his distant allies, at which point they will express a hint about the current dungeon to him.[2] Neither Sahasrahla nor Zelda seem to require a Telepathy Tile of their own to communicate with Link; their innate magical power seems to make it possible without the need for such objects. Zelda is even able to contact Link through telepathy after being captured and sealed in a Crystal,[3] while both her and Sahasrahla are sometimes able to communicate with Link without the need for him touching a tile at all, although this is presumably more difficult for them.


  • A Telepathy Tile can be found in Chris Houlihan' room that allows Link to hear a message from the contest winner.[4]



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