The Dragon of the Caves

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The Dragon of the Caves

Stage Eldin Caves
Playable Character(s) Cia
Mini-boss(es) Wizzro
King Dodongo
Boss Volga
Main Theme Music "Solidus Cave"
Previous ScenarioNext Scenario
The Armies of RuinThe Invasion Begins
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"The Dragon of the Caves" is the first Scenario of the Cia's Tale arc of Legend Mode in Hyrule Warriors. It takes place in the Eldin Caves.


Set prior to the main events of the game, Cia begins to build her army by opening the Gate of Souls to unleash hordes of monsters. Realizing her army would require a general, Cia looks to the Eldin Caves in search for Volga, whom she considers to be the perfect candidate. Cia enters the Caves, and is immediately confronted by the Gorons of the region. While searching, Cia senses another presence nearby. The panicking of the Gorons, who were tasked to guard an ancient ring, unwittingly brings Cia's attention to the location of the ring. She manages to find it and summons Wizzro, who aids her fight by joining her Forces.

Cia continues her search for Volga, and shortly finds him near the central caves. A battle between them ensues as Volga resists Cia's invitation. Cia gains the upper hand, but Volga retreats to the South Square as reinforcements arrive. Lizalfos and Dinolfos Chieftains attack Cia and her Forces. Cia leaves to conquer Volga's Keeps to weaken his Force, while Wizzro summons more reinforcements and fights the Chieftains. The Gorons, meanwhile, plan a counterattack as they deploy several Bombchus. Cia's Dark Forces however manage to destroy them before they can detonate in their newly acquired Base and Keeps.

Eventually Cia and her Forces capture all of Volga's other Keeps, which impresses the Dragon Knight but fails to persuade him. Cia enters the South Square and resumes fighting Volga. However in the midst of their defeat, the Chieftains of Volga's Force summon a pair of King Dodongos onto the field; one in Volga's Keep and the other marching towards the Allied Base. Worsening the situation, Wizzro also betrays Cia and joins the dragonfolk after witnessing their advantage. Cia however successfully defeats the King Dodongos and Volga and Wizzro, thus winning the battle. Volga resigns to Cia's power as he accepts his position as her commander, and Wizzro begs for her mercy and swears allegiance to her. Cia enhances them with dark magic, ensuring their loyalty to her. With Cia's army finally built, the Dark Forces prepare to invade Hyrule Castle next.


Dark Forces Goron Forces Volga's Forces

Big Poes




Bulblin Captains

Bokoblin Captains

Goron Captains


Dinolfos Chieftain


Lizalfos Chieftain





King Dodongos


The following collectibles can only be obtained in Hyrule Warriors Legends and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition.
Item Location Condition

Gold Skulltula
Under a boulder located at the dead end south of the Central Keep Defeat 1000 enemies

Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
Directly west from the Allied Base Play as Cia, destroy all Bombchus before they can explode and defeat both King Dodongos

Piece of Heart
Central Keep Play as Cia

Heart Container
Under the boulder to the far west from the North Square Keep Play as Cia


Names in Other Regions
The Federal Republic of Germany
Von Dunkelheit beherrscht (HWDE)Ruled by Darkness
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