The Armies of Ruin

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The Armies of Ruin

Stage Hyrule Field
Playable Character(s) Link
Mini-boss(es) Volga
Boss King Dodongo
Completion Reward(s) Impa
Giant's Knife
Main Theme Music "Under Siege"
"Hyrule Field:1 st"
Next Scenario
The Sheikah Tribesman"
"The Dragon of the Caves
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"The Armies of Ruin" is the first Scenario of the Prologue arc of Legend Mode in Hyrule Warriors.[1]


"The Armies of Ruin" is the first Scenario that is unlocked and is the start of the War Across the Ages. "The Armies of Ruin" takes place in Hyrule Field.

"The Armies of Ruin" begins with Zelda having a dream of playing the Goddess's Harp in a grassy field. Suddenly, the sky turns from light blue to dark purple and the ground begins to shake, followed by an unknown dark substance that starts chasing after Zelda. Zelda drops her Goddess's Harp and runs, the Goddess's Harp sinking into the dark substance. The substance catches up with Zelda and overwhelms her, then she wakes from her dream. Zelda tells the alarmed Impa about the recurring nightmare,[2] to which Impa states that it could be a dark omen for Hyrule[3] Impa states that they must find the reborn spirit of the hero, Link, to help protect Hyrule.[4] Heading outside, Impa and Zelda look down at the Soldiers in training, to which Impa states that they will find no hero there and should look elsewhere.[5] Zelda notices one Soldier in training with more skill than the rest, Link.[6] Before she can think further, a Soldier runs up to Zelda and reports that a horde of Enemies is marching towards Hyrule Castle.[7] Zelda orders Impa to prepare the armies for battle and leaves.[8]

When the Dark Forces begin their siege upon Hyrule, the Hyrulean Forces intercept them in Hyrule Field.[9] As a Trainee, Link defies his orders to stay out of the confrontation and runs into battle.[10] Fighting breaks out throughout Hyrule Field,[11] with large amounts of Enemies worrying Impa.[12] Impa searches for Zelda, but finds that she is separated by a wall of Boulders.[13] Link appears and quickly fells many of the lesser Dark Forces with ease, surprising Impa.[14] Afterwards, Link encounters a Fairy, who hides within Link's body and introduces herself as Proxi.[15] Proxi enthusiastically attempts to maintain a conversation with Link, only to conclude that though he speaks little.[16] Link and Impa search for a way to rid of the Boulders and rescue Zelda. After defeating enough Enemies, the Abandoned Fort Gate opens revealing the Dragon Knight, Volga.

Link and Impa fight with Volga to keep him back from Hyrule Castle.[17] Volga accepts their challenge with a claim that he will win.[18] As Volga's health reaches the halfway point during the battle, he will stop the fight and attempt to destroy Impa and Link with a blast of fire.[19] Volga becomes shocked after learning that the two were protected by Link's Triforce and decides to flee from the fight.[20][21] Annoyed, the Dark Wizard opens the Abandoned Fort and sends out another wave of Enemies.[22] A Goron Captain pleads for assistance as he is attacked by a Lizalfos and a legion of Bokoblins.[23] Once Link rescues the Goron Captain, the Mine Entrance will open[24] and the Goron Captain thanks Link and recommends that he takes the treasured Bombs within it.[25][26] After the Bombs are obtained, Bokoblins will seal the Mine Entrance with Boulders, which must be destroyed using the newly-obtained explosives.[27][28] Just outside the Mine, a smaller Boulder can be destroyed with the Bombs to reveal a Chest containing 375 Rupees.[29] The Bombs are also necessary to destroy the Boulders blocking the West Field Keep, which leads to the area that Zelda is defending. After Zelda captures the West Field Keep, the two areas will reconnect so Impa and Zelda can reunite.[30][31] When Link joins with Zelda, she recognizes him as the promising trainee that she observed in Hyrule Castle prior to the assault on Hyrule.[32]

Suddenly, more Dark Forces appear and the Central Keep and the SW Bridge Gate open.[33] After reuniting, Zelda commands her troops to capture the Central and East Field Keeps and to close their respective gates. A Hylian Captain will declare that his forces can capture the East Field Keep on their own and requests that someone else captures the Central Keep in his place.[34] The Dark Wizard orders his troops to kill Zelda and the Hyrulean Forces and advance towards the Castle Keep.[35][36] Once the two Keeps are captured, their gates to the north will become sealed off preventing travel in both directions. Before they are closed, the Hyrulean Forces may make their way northward and capture the Keeps to the north, including the Enemy Base, where the Dark Wizard is situated. If he is attacked, he will retreat, saying that he has other matters to take care of.[37] A side mission will also start when a Guard Troop appears and moves to the W. Rockface Keep, to which Zelda orders to defeat the Guard Troop and take the Keep.[38][39]

After the Central Keep and East Field Keep have been captured, Zelda will travel to the Fairy Fountain to call upon the Great Fairy for help.[40] However, the entrance to the Fairy Fountain is blocked by a cracked wall, which must also be destroyed with the Bombs.[41] During this time, the Dark Forces may break through the barriers from the northwest and east, requiring the Hyrulean Forces to divert their attention to stop them.[42][43] Once the wall is destroyed, Link and Zelda may pray to the Great Fairy together by using the newly-charged Magic Circle.[44] The Great Fairy enhances the Hyrulean Forces' Bombs and detonates them across the battlefield to greatly weaken the Dark Forces.[45] Afterwards, the Hyrulean Forces receive a Morale boost[46] and Zelda leaves the battlefield.[47][48]

In response to this, the Dark Wizard will summon King Dodongo in the North Square.[49][50] King Dodongo will begin his rampage south towards Hyrule Castle and so must be defeated quickly. After King Dodongo is defeated Impa compliments the army.[51] A Soldier informs Impa that the Dark Wizard has taken Hyrule Castle and merely used King Dodongo as a distraction.[52][53] With Hyrule Castle under the control of the Dark Wizard, Zelda disappears, prompting Impa to employ Link's help in locating her,[54] granting him the Hero's Clothes as a symbol of his worthiness.

Upon completing "The Armies of Ruin" for the first time, Impa becomes a playable Warrior and her Weapon, the Giant's Knife, becomes available for use. Along with Impa, Free Mode, Adventure Mode, and the Gallery unlock.[55]


Hyrulean Forces Dark Forces



Goron Captains

Bokoblin Captains

Hylian Captains






Dark Wizard


King Dodongo


Item Location Condition

Gold Skulltula
Outside the southern side of the Abandoned Fort Defeat 1000 enemies

Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
Hyrule Castle Checkpoint Follow Zelda's plan and use any variant of the Hylian Sword other than the 8-bit Wooden Sword.

Piece of Heart
West Rockface Keep Play as Link

Heart Container
Beneath a rock near the northwesternmost Outpost Play as Link



Names in Other Regions
The Federal Republic of Germany
Die Armeen der Verderbnis (HWDE)The Armies of Depravity
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