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This article is about the legendary trio. For the Nintendo 3DS game, see Tri Force Heroes.

The Tri Force Heroes,[1] also known as the Totem Heroes,[2] are characters mentioned in Tri Force Heroes. The Links, possessing the attributes of the Tri Force Heroes, fulfill the Heroes' role during the course of their adventure.


The legend of the Tri Force Heroes has been passed down through generations in the kingdom of Hytopia,[1] and tells of three heroes from parts unknown who band together to defend the kingdom from peril. These heroes are said to triumph over hardships with their Totem maneuvers and ability to communicate without words, owing to their unbreakable bond,[3] and are recognized for possessing the Three Noble Attributes of Courage:

Promotional image showing the Three Noble Attributes of Courage
  1. Pointed ears.[4]
  2. Thick sideburns.[5]
  3. Side-parted hair.[6]

The citizens of Hytopia believe in the legend and have placed the Tri Force Hero Statue at the center of town, in honor of Tri Force Heroes past and future.

When Princess Styla is cursed by the Drablands Witch and all of Hytopia's stylishness is threatened, King Tuft issues a call for heroes to save the kingdom from its despair.[7] Link, while passing through Hytopia on his travels, is informed of the situation by Madame Couture's Apprentice, who believes Link may be one of the fated heroes. Sir Combsly is immediately impressed by Link's heroic traits and enlists the young hero into the Witch-Hunting Brigade,[8] though he cannot remember the full reason for recognizing these traits.[9] Alongside other heroes brought forth by the Match Master, or through the use of Doppels to divide his soul among three vessels, Link ventures into the Drablands to fulfill the roles of the Tri Force Heroes.

According to King Tuft, the legend of the Tri Force Heroes also dictates that the heroes will bring everlasting peace and style to Hytopia by overcoming all challenges in front of them.[10] Believing Link to be hero of legend, the king implores him to fulfill his destiny by besting the Drablands Challenges.[11]


Names in Other Regions
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Totem Hero[18] 
トーテム勇者 (Tōtemu Yūsha)[13]Totem Hero
Héros totemTotem hero
The French Republic
Héros totem[14]Totem hero
The Federal Republic of Germany
Totem-Helden[16]Totem Hero
The Italian Republic
Eroe totem[12]Totem hero
The Republic of Korea
토템 용사 (Totem Yongsa)[17]Totem Hero
Latin America
Héroe Totémico[15]Totem Hero
The Kingdom of Spain
Héroe Totémico[19]Totem Hero
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