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About me

Hello there,

I'm a member of the wiki, registered since October 31st of 2013. But I do not celebrate Halloween, so it's a pure coincidence. I was born on August 7th of 1995, so you can easily determine my age, except if maths are your arch enemies. :p

I'm French, so I love bread and I can make accents very easily: é à ô ñ Don't hesitate to correct my errors, if you find some. To describe myself, I'm a student at university, following a chemistry license. (I'll have to edit this message soon, what an exhausting work. :( I'm fond of theater (even if I do not practice anymore) and I have a collection of watches. What more ... Maybe I can precise that I have some bases in html coding, so I'm not totally frightened by the interface.

On the Wiki

I'm certainly not a very active member here, but I contribute sometime, notably to add the French name of some characters or places. I'me a member and an admin in the French Zelda Wiki. Obviously, I don't like to hear unfounded criticisms about the Wikia community, because I estimate it is good. :p (in any cases, everyone can have his proper opinion.) I've been to Poland in 2016, Wikia offered me the trip, an that was awesome!

My experience with the Zelda series

I've received my first Zelda game, A Link to the Past, when I was 10 years old. Then, I got Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages six months later. I got Twilight Princess some years after, but unfortunately, I lost it. :(

I only discovered the series recently, in 2011, with Ocarina of Time 3D. After 2011, I become a fan of the series, and I now have every Zelda games (including the two first in the Collector's Edition, as well as Four Swords, that I got on 3DS during the period it was gratis.), except the two DS ones as well as Tri Force Heroes. I also recovered my missing Twilight Princess disk, which was in a box in the cellar ... I know, it's quite weird. :Z

My favorite game is Ocarina of Time, but I also really enjoy The Wind Waker, and every games more generally. But I think that it is a very bad thing that the Link's Awakening Trading Sequence is needed to finish the game.

Daphnes Nahansen Hyrule was Hyrule's king, before the events of The Wind Waker
Daphnes Nahansen Hyrule was Hyrule's king, before the events of The Wind Waker

... That's all I have to say. The userboxes still exceed from the bottom, so to try to compensate it, I'll put an image of Daphnès Nohansen Hyrule, which is one of my favorite characters. I also love Ghirahim 'cuz he is fabulous and I would like to see him again in a sequel to Skyward Sword, that would be soooo awesome!


  • The golden number is fascinating! 1.61803398875.
  • I know Pi until the 8th decimal: 3.14159265.
  • I'm a walrus.
  • I'm fond of images manipulation.
  • I'm also fond of funny images.
  • As well as most Disney Movies.
  • That's why I did this thing at the right:

         Fire  -  Luigi