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Hey! Kirpow here. I'm new to this wiki, but not to the Zelda franchise!

The games I've played most extensively are the original The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time (a bit of the original but mostly the 3D version), Majora's Mask (the 3D version), The Wind Waker, The Minish Cap, Twilight Princess, Spirit Tracks, Skyward Sword, A Link Between Worlds, and Tri Force Heroes.

I've done everything in all of those games except get the last few Heart Pieces, with the exception of The Minish Cap, Spirit Tracks, and A Link Between Worlds. Still have a lot to do in those games--have to complete them, for starters. Same with the original. I've completed every other game listed above, at least, once.

I've also played a bit of A Link to the Past, Four Swords Adventures, and Phantom Hourglass, each to varying degrees of completion, but still not much for any of them. That means the only games I've never touched are The Adventure of Link and Four Swords.

I pre-downloaded Tri Force Heroes, and I've been playing it since it released, completing it in about a week.

Now, I just have a few of the rarest Outfits left to go. With all that under my belt, I hope to help this wiki display all available information, since that game is still fairly new, and, of course, to help anywhere else I can!

Not sure what else to put here, so that's all for now. Thanks for reading!