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Gibdo Bandages are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]

Location and Uses

Tri Force Heroes

In Tri Force Heroes, Gibdo Bandages are silver-rarity Materials awarded for completing the following Levels and Drablands Challenges of The Dunes:

  • Infinity Dunes, "Guard the orb!": one Gibdo Bandage
  • Stone Corridors, "Clear within the time limit!": one Gibdo Bandage
  • Stone Corridors, "Don't fall at all!": two Gibdo Bandages
  • Gibdo Mausoleum, no challenge: one Gibdo Bandage
  • Gibdo Mausoleum, "Avoid falling and quicksand!": two Gibdo Bandages
  • Desert Temple, "Fewer Heart Containers!": two Gibdo Bandages

They can also be won in the Coliseum and Daily Riches, or purchased from the Street Merchant for 1,000 Rupees each.

Gibdo Bandages are one of the Materials used to make the Gust Garb and Ninja Gi Outfits.[1]

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

Gibdo Bandages are Bronze Materials which are dropped by Gibdos in Hyrule Warriors. They are required to create certain bronze Badges in the Badge Market for many of the Warriors, as well as nearly all of Sheik and Twili Midna's silver Badges. They can also be used to make certain Mixtures in the Apothecary.[which?]


Names in Other Regions
ギブドの包帯 (Gibudo no Hōtai) (TFH)[4]Gibudo Bandage
Bandelette (TFH) 
The French Republic
Bandelette (TFH)[7] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
  • Uses English words, therefore same as English.
The Italian Republic
Bende di ghibdo (TFH)[3] 
Latin America
Venda de gibdo (TFH)[8] 
The Kingdom of Spain
Venda de gibdo (TFH) 
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