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Arm-Mimics are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name references needed]


Arm-Mimics behave in the same way as Mask-Mimics, emulating every move Link makes. They are fairly strong, as sword strikes having no effect on them with the normal sword. Stronger swords, such as the Level 2 Sword and the Noble Sword are capable of hurting the Arm-Mimics with normal swings. A single touch from them does an entire heart of damage, making them one of the more damaging non-boss creatures in any of the games they are in. Spin Attacks are effective against them, regardless of the sword. As they will copy Link like a mirror, Link is capable of manipulating these creatures into one group. If he moves well, the young hero can ensure that while they cannot touch him and can come up to them and finish them all in one swing. Once Link has obtained the Pegasus Boots, using the Dash Attack makes it much easier to take out large groups of these enemies.

In Link's Awakening, Arm-Mimics surprisingly have the strongest attack of any basic enemy within the game; simply contacting an Arm-Mimic will cause Link to lose three full hearts. Arm-Mimics are found only within Turtle Rock, Dream Shrine and the cave that contains the Magnifying Lens. In this cave, the Arm-Mimics can only be seen once Link has picked up the lens. Before Link obtains the item, they are invisible but can still cause him harm.


  • Arm-Mimics appear to be based on Japanese haniwa, clay figures that are commonly depicted with a pot-like rounded shape, empty eyes, open mouths and arms bending in opposite directions. The wide mouth and black, empty eyes are also shared in part by Mask-Mimics and the Goriyas of A Link to the Past, which behave in a very similar manner.
  • Interestingly, an enemy much like an Arm-Mimic or haniwa appeared on an early plan for a sprite sheet drawn by Shigeru Miyamoto during the development of the original The Legend of Zelda game.[2]
  • By using the Power Bracelet or Power Glove to latch onto a wall, the Arm-Mimics can be manipulated much easier than normal.


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