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Baba Buds are objects in The Wind Waker.[1] They are the bases of Boko Babas.


Tingle's Commenthide ▲
Tingle says:

It's a Baba Bud!

Fear not! Get in there!

The first place Baba Buds can be found is inside Forest Haven, where the Great Deku tree will ask Link to climb the area by use of the Baba Buds. Once he reaches the summit, Link will be granted with a Deku Leaf. Baba Buds can also be used to refill Link's Magic Meter.

Although these buds can be found unoccupied usually, a Boko Baba will occasionally be guarding it. It should be noted that the actual bud and a bud occupied by a Boko Baba are slightly different colors. Often, by defeating the Baba, it will transform into a Baba Bud, although this is not always the case.


If Link hops into a bud, it will restore a slight amount of his magic power and launch him high into the air, giving him the ability to reach high places. By using the Deku Leaf, Link can utilize these powerful jumps to glide onto previously out-of-reach surfaces.



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  1. "It's a Baba Bud!

    Fear not! Get in there!
    " — Tingle (The Wind Waker)