Grave with no Spring Flowers

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The Grave with no Spring Flowers is a location in Oracle of Seasons.[1]

Features and Overview

After being told the Graveyard Secret by the Ghini in Yoll Graveyard in Oracle of Ages, Link is directed to a Grave in Holodrum with no Flowers near it. The Grave with no Spring Flowers is located in the southwestern portion of the Graveyard west of Horon Village. By digging a hole behind the Grave with no Spring Flowers, Link will uncover a room that the resident Ghini claims to live in.[2] Link is then given an opportunity to tell the Ghini the Graveyard Secret he learned in Labrynna. The Ghini will then offer Link a chance to play a Minigame for a Heart Container.[3] Once Link wins and collects the Heart Container, the Ghini teaches him the Graveyard Secret that can be taken back to Labrynna.[4][5]

Should Link enter the Grave with no Spring Flowers before besting Onox in his Castle, the room will be empty.


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