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For the Item previously known as the Hero's Sword, see Broken Sword

Hero's Swords are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.[name references needed]

Location and Uses

The Wind Waker

The Hero's Sword is given to Link by Orca on Outset Island. While Link can train with Orca using the Sword, Orca will not give it to Link until the Helmaroc King drops Tetra over the Fairy Woods. Link temporarily loses it during his first visit at the Forsaken Fortress, accidentally dropping it after being catapulted right into a wall, but he regains it after reaching the top of the Fortress. The Hero's Sword is replaced by the Master Sword once Link obtains it.

After Link embeds the Master Sword into Ganondorf's head and goes back to the world above the sea to sail with Tetra, he is seen wielding the Hero's Sword once again.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, the Hero's Sword appears as the first-tier version of the Light Sword weapon for Toon Link, in conjunction with the Hero's Shield.


Names in Other Regions
The Federal Republic of Germany
Heroenschwert (HWDE)[2]Same as English.
The Italian Republic
Spada dell'Eroe (TWW)[1]Hero's Sword
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