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The Smith's Sword,[1] also known as Smith's Blade and the Grandfather's Sword,[2][3] is a Sword in The Minish Cap.

Locations and Uses

The Smith's Sword is created by Smith,[4] the finest blacksmith in Hyrule. It is given to Link by King Daltus at the start of his quest. Though it was originally intended for the winner of the sword-fighting competition at the Picori Festival,[5] King Daltus gives it to Link so he can venture into the Minish Woods, seeking out the Minish in order to save Princess Zelda.

After Link obtains the reforged Picori Blade from Melari, called the White Sword, the Smith's Sword disappears from his inventory.


Names in Other Regions
スミスの剣 (Sumisu no ken)[6]Same as English.
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