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Link is a character in Twilight Princess.[1][note 1]


Link is the pet Cat of Sera, the owner of Sera's Sundries, the only shop in Ordon Village.

After being scolded for stealing the Fish that was going to be the family's dinner, Link runs off causing Sera to become so worried that she's unable to run the shop.[2] Link (the hero) can find Link behind Jaggle's house, attempting to catch fish from the water. However Link is unable to catch him as he runs away whenever the hero approaches.

Once Link has caught two Fish, Link the cat will run over and steal one of them and run home with it. Inside he is greeted by half a Bottle of Ordon Goat Milk and an overjoyed Sera, who is so relieved by his return that she gives Link the Bottle with the other half of the Milk on the house.[1][3]

When Link later returns to Ordon Village in his wolf form he can talk to Link, who will tell him how to sneak up behind Hanch and surprise him, thereby avoiding being attacked by his Hawk.



  1. In reality, the Cat's name matches whatever the player chooses as the hero Link's name.


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