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The "Requiem of Spirit" is a recurring Song in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

Learning Location and Uses

Ocarina of Time

The "Requiem of Spirit" is one of the Warping songs Link learns as an adult in Ocarina of Time. It is taught to him by Sheik at the Desert Colossus after the hero exits the Spirit Temple once he realizes he cannot enter it yet.[2] It allows Link to warp to the Triforce Warp at the Desert Colossus at any age, which is necessary in order to access the Spirit Temple as a child.

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, the notes for the "Requiem of Spirit" can sometimes appear on a wall in the northern part of Termina Field, where Link can play a song for Rupees.

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, the "Requiem of Spirit" can be howled by Wolf Link by the Howling Stone near Upper Zora's River. The Golden Wolf will appear near the Arbiter's Grounds and will teach Link the Mortal Draw.

Music Theory

The "Requiem of Spirit" is 6 bars long in 4/4 time and based in D minor, a key center easily defined by the 6 notes of the Ocarina part, all being in the D minor triad. Harmonically, the Requiem goes back and forth from i to ii°, although the unusual bass line gives implications of a III chord in some spots, despite the strong D in the top voice. The final two bars are played with a iv - Isus2 - I progression, which again is unusual that a Requiem would end on a major I chord, similar to the ending of the "Nocturne of Shadow."

Measures 3-5 of the Requiem feature a rhythmic augmentation in the strings part, playing the Ocarina's 6-notes motif at half speed.[3]


A requiem is a form of music whose theme is a prayer for the salvation of the souls of the departed, and it is used both at services immediately preceding a burial, and on occasions of more general remembrance.

ZW Nomenclature Asset.png Names in Other Regions ZW Nomenclature Asset 2.png
魂のレクイエム (Tamashī no Rekuiemu) (OoT)[6]Same as English.
The Italian Republic
Requiem dello spirito (OoT | OoT3D)[4][5]Requiem of the spirit
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