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Deep Pythons,[1] also known as Sea Snakes,[2] are Enemies in Majora's Mask.


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It's a Deep Python. Get close to it and stun it. If you fail, it'll getcha!

Deep Pythons are giant sea snakes that infest the Great Bay,[3][4][5][6] lurking in the depths of Pinnacle Rock. The Deep Pythons are guarding some of Lulu's missing Eggs, which the thieving Gerudo Pirates lost to when they were attacked,[5] as well as a Seahorse.

When Link draws near, they shoot out of their burrows to grab him in their mouths and damage him before spitting him out. To defeat them, Zora Link must swim close to lure them out of their burrow, and stun and destroy them with his Electrical Shield or Boomerang Fins.


  • Although consistently described as sea snakes, they may in fact be based on eels as they do not need to breathe air.
  • According to Aveil, Deep Pythons eat Zora Eggs.[7]
  • In Animal Crossing, Gulliver makes a reference to the Deep Pythons and Pinnacle Rock when he tells a story where he states, "When I fought the sea snakes at Pinnacle Rock! Wait a minute... That wasn't me!"


  Names in Other Regions  
Python des profondeurs (MM3D) 
  • Deep Python (MM)[9]
  • Serpente marino (MM3D)[8]
  • Pitone abissale (MM3D)[10]
  • Sea snake
  • Abyssal python
Pitón oscura (MM3D) 
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