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Aja is a character in Tears of the Kingdom.[2]


Aja is Hylian who resides at Lookout Landing. During the day, he practices with a Dummy, hoping to one day become a swordsman.[1] He carries a Soldier's Broadsword and a Soldier's Shield.

Aja does not appear at Lookout Landing until Link has started the "Crisis at Hyrule Castle" Main Quest. When Link tries to speak to him, Aja claims to be busy and says he can only talk between swings of his Soldier's Broadsword.[3] He believes it is important to be prepared for Monster attacks, and he suggests trying out a variety of swords to get used to how they handle.[4] Through practice, Aja has found that decayed Weapons can still be useful.[5][6] Should Link need to train, Aja tells him to do so elsewhere.[7]

When Link examines the nearby swords, Aja will explain what they are to Link and allow him to take them.[8] If Link asks about the Soldier's Broadsword, Aja reveals that they were used by the Soldiers of Hyrule Castle, and he believes they can be used to unleash Charged Attack more quickly.[9] If Link asks about the Knight's Broadsword, Aja explains that they were used by Knights of Hyrule, and he recalls that he was able to unleash a strong attack against a Monster using one.[10] Lastly, if Link asks about the Royal Broadsword, Aja claims it was used by the Royal Guard and has a high counterattack power, though he is not yet skillful enough to make use of it.[11]

After learning about a sword, Aja will give one to Link.[12][13][14] He then suggests that Link make sure to practice with his new sword, and he tells him to take care of it.[15][16] Should Link not have enough space in his Inventory for another Weapon, Aja tells him to come back for it later.[17] Once Link has taken all three swords, Aja stops training and introduces himself.[18] When he realizes he has been talking to Link, Aja apologizes for not noticing sooner and is honored to meet him.[19] He is motivated to become a master swordsman like Link, and so he returns to his training.[20]

When Link talks to Aja again, he asks how he has found the sword he received.[21][22] He comments that he likes the Soldier's Broadsword's mobility, which allows users to quickly unleash Charged Attack.[23] Although Knight's Broadswords increase in power if their users are weakened, Aja suggests avoiding such situations.[24] Finally, when talking about the Royal Broadsword, he reiterates that he is not yet able to make use of its counterattack ability.[25]


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拉賈 (Lājiǎ)
The People's Republic of China
拉贾 (Lājiǎ)
The French Republic
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