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Ankle is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[3]


The Wind Waker

Ankle resides at the top of Tingle Tower in The Wind Waker. Ankle considers his twin brother Knuckle to be lazy and good-for-nothing, and was taught how to decipher Maps by his older brother, Tingle.[1] He helps David Jr. to spin Tingle Tower. He initially mistakes Link for Tingle, saying that he was very worried about him.[4] The only time he feels he can truly be himself is when he's tending to the flower garden on Tingle Island. His favorite proverb is One may as well hang for a stolen sheep as for a stolen lamb.[5] Unlike Tingle, he wears pink and the mole on his face is above his mouth rather than below it. In addition, the rosy patches on his cheeks are completely filled in.

Four Swords Adventures

The Minish Cap

Ankle appears in The Minish Cap on a ledge in Lon Lon Ranch after speaking with Tingle, where he offers to Fuse Kinstone Pieces with Link.[6] When Link successfully Fuses Kinstone Pieces with him,[7] the northeastern Tree in the group of four Trees in North Hyrule Field will open, leading to a room with a Switch connected to a Torch and a Chest containing a red Kinstone Piece. If Link Fuses Kinstone Pieces with all four of the Tingle Siblings?, the final Switch will cause a Ladder to descend, allowing Link to open a Chest containing the Magical Boomerang.

Ankle worries about Knuckle and his whereabouts.[8] When spoken to afterwards, Ankle will tell Link how many Kinstone Pieces he has left to Fuse.[9] He, along with the rest of his brothers, believes that Fusing Kinstone Pieces will help him meet Fairies.[10]


Names in Other Regions
アンクル (Ankuru) (TWW)[13]Ankle
The French Republic
Dingle (TWW | TWWHD)[16][17] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Jingle (TWW | TMC)[14][15] 
The Italian Republic
Dingle (TWW | TMC)[11][12]The name "Tingle" but with a diffrent initial
The Kingdom of Spain
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