EX To Zelda's Side

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This article is about the Scenario. For other uses, see EX To Zelda's Side (Disambiguation).

EX To Zelda's Side

Game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Stage Mount Daphnes
Playable Character(s) Terrako
Mini-boss(es) A Hinox
Boss Harbinger Ganon
Victory Conditions
Find Zelda
Defeat Conditions
Terrako flees
Main Theme Music The Time Traveling Guardian's Plight
Intense Battle against the Hinox
Harbinger Ganon, Hatred and Malice Incarnate
Previous ScenarioNext Scenario
The Future of HyruleEX Battle of Goponga Village[note 1]

"EX To Zelda's Side" is the first Scenario in the Guardian of Remembrance Downloadable Content Pack and twenty-first overall in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.[1]


As Terrako begins its journey through time travel, it is pursued by Malice through the portal that Terrako had opened. Terrako lands on Mount Daphnes and the Malice travels to Hyrule Castle, infecting a dormant version of Terrako of this timeline, becoming Harbinger Ganon.

While travelling along the roads, Terrako encounters the Hyrulean Army, who do not attack the Guardian under speculation that it may be a lab experiment.

When Terrako encounters a group of Bokoblins and a Blue Moblin fighting a group of knights, or encounters a Hinox sleeping in the woods, Terrako opens up its weapons and starts attacking. However, like with King Rhoam in "EX The Princess and the King", and Master Kohga in the first half of "EX The Yiga Clan's Retreat", Terrako does not have the Sheikah Slate or any of its associated Runes.

Upon defeating the group of monsters, Terrako causes a racket that convinces the knights to open the gate. A battle ensues between the large number of monsters and the knights as Terrako heads further down the road to encounter another Blue Moblin and Bokoblins guarding an Outpost with an Electric Wizzrobe inside.

After clearing the outpost, Impa makes a comment about the increase in monsters and sets off to warn Zelda. Terrako follows Impa from a distance while fighting more monsters, clearing two outposts along the way and defeating an Ice Moblin. The soldiers report the Guardian's presence to Impa, who waves it off as a project from Purah.

As Impa leaves the area, a White-Maned Lynel was spotted by a knight, prompting Terrako to change directions and attack it at the Coliseum to ensure the safety of Zelda. Upon arriving, the Lynel was absorbed by Harbinger Ganon. After sustaining enough damage, Harbinger Ganon absorbs two more Moblins and the battle continues.

Seemingly defeating Harbinger Ganon, Terrako had set off to depart, only to be attacked by a reactivated Ganon, causing debris to collapse onto Terrako and deactivating the Diminutive Guardian. After an unknown amount of time, Terrako in a deactivated state was found by two Bokoblins. Taken to a different location, the Bokoblins witness Link battling another group of Bokoblins down the road, causing the two to panic and throw Terrako behind a rock.

It is later revealed that the events that had occurred were observed by Purah and Robbie as a memory of Terrako.


Names in Other Regions
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Aan Zelda's zijde EX[3]Same as English
The French Republic
EX Auprès de Zelda[2] 
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  1. "EX Battle of Goponga Village" is listed sequentially after "EX To Zelda's Side" in the EX chapter's list of Scenarios, but "EX Battle of Goponga Village" shares interchangeable chronology with "EX Battle for Kakariko Village", "EX Searching Hyrule Forest", and "EX Liberate the Ancient Lab".


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