Lurelin Village Restoration Project

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Lurelin Village Restoration Project

Quest Giver Bolson
Location Lurelin Village
Previous QuestNext Quest
"Ruffian-Infested Village""A Way to Trade, Washed Away"
"Lurelin Resort Project"
"Rattled Ralera"

"Lurelin Village Restoration Project" is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]


After completing the "Ruffian-Infested Village" Side Adventure, Link can find Rozel and Bolson talking to each other on the beach of Lurelin Village.[2] When he approaches them, Rozel thanks Link again for driving out the Monsters.[3] Now that the Monster Forces are gone, he and Bolson are planning to focus on rebuilding the Village.[4] He reveals that none of the residents will return until their Houses have been rebuilt.[5] Bolson wants to repay Rozel and the other villagers for taking him in, and so he offers his construction expertise.[6] He is also excited to restore Azure Bay and the Lucky Treasure Shop.[7] However, he does not have the requisite Logs and Hylian Rice.[8]

If Link offers to help, Rozel initially tries to reject him, but Bolson accepts.[9] He declares that they will start by recreating the destroyed buildings' foundations.[10] To do that, he needs 15 Logs, specifying that they cannot be Palm-Tree Logs.[11] He also requests 20 bundles of Hylian Rice, which he plans to use to repair the thatched roofs.[12] Rozel thanks Link again, informing him that he will be inspecting the damage that Lurelin Village sustained.[13] Bolson dubs their project the Great Lurelin Village Revival, telling Link that he is counting on his assistance.[14] Afterwards, "Lurelin Village Restoration Project" will begin.

When Link brings Logs to Bolson, he will ask for permission to take them.[15] If Link agrees, Bolson thanks him for his contribution.[16][17][18][note 1] Should Link leave any Logs with Bolson without speaking to him, he will yell at him for being rude.[20] Following the delivery, he then informs Link how many Logs he has delivered so far, as well as how many more he needs.[21] Once all of the Logs have been delivered, Bolson declares that he can now start rebuilding.[22] When Link delivers the Hylian Rice, Bolson will be pleased.[23] After all of the supplies have been delivered, Bolson asks Link to wait while he rebuilds the foundations.[24]

Bolson completes the foundations on his own, and he then declares it is time to start the repairs.[25] A total of five buildings need to be repaired: the Fishing Resort, Azure Bay, the Lucky Treasure Shop, the Village Head's House, and Armes's House.[26] He explains that each building has different requirements in order to be rebuilt, and he asks Link which one he wants to start with.[27][28][29] Link is then able to choose if he wants to fix an establishment or a House, after which he picks one to work on.[30][31]

If Link decides to repair the Fishing Resort, Bolson reveals that it is famous for its spa treatments, and he asks Link to move in front of the Inn so they can discuss it.[32] At the Fishing Resort, Bolson explains that the building's structure has remained, but its interior has filled up with Water.[33] In order to remove the Water, Bolson first needs the debris inside to be cleared away.[34][35] Using Ultrahand, Link is able to pull out two Boards, a Palm-Tree Log, and two Iron Poles from inside the Fishing Resort. After all the debris has been cleared, Bolson will proceed with fixing the Fishing Resort.[36][37]

Upon finishing the Fishing Resort, Bolson declares it to be some of his best work, and he states that it is ready for the owner to return.[38] At that moment, Chessica returns to Lurelin Village, and she is surprised to find that the Fishing Resort is still intact.[39] She explains that she was hiding in Gerudo, but she came back because she missed the ocean.[40] As a reward, she gives Link five Voltfruits.[41][42] She invites Link to partake in the Fishing Resort's salt spa, revealing that she plans to reopen immediately.[43]

If Link chooses to restore Azure Bay, Bolson explains that they are known for providing a wide variety of Meals.[44] At the restaurant, Bolson explains that they need to put a Palm-Tree Log through the hole in the building to the left to serve as a support.[45][46] He advises that the Log needs to be straight.[47] After removing the Wooden Boxes in the way, Link will be able to maneuver a Palm-Tree Log into the correct position using Ultrahand. Once this is done, Bolson will proceed to rebuild the structures.[48][37]

Once the construction is completed, Bolson brags about his handiwork, and he is eager for the owner to return.[49] Kiana, Sebasto, Zuta, and Kinov then arrive, and they are shocked to find their Houses and Azure Bay has been fixed.[50] To reward Link, Sebasto gives him Tough Seafood Fried Rice.[51] Kiana claims this is the dish she is most proud of, and she invites Link to eat at Azure Bay in the future.[52]

The final establishment that Link can repair is the Lucky Treasure Shop.[53] At the Shop, Bolson explains that it used to be a landmark due to the Palm Tree that grew through its roof.[54] Bolson wants Link to place the Palm-Tree Log in the Plant Pot on the Shop's second floor.[55][56] He also suggests that Link use a straight Palm-Tree Log.[57] Once a Palm-Tree Log has been placed into the Plant Pot, Bolson comments that it is perfect and proceeds with his construction.[48][37]

After the Lucky Treasure Shop has been rebuilt, Bolson will be pleased with his work and declares the owner will love it.[58] At that moment, Cloyne returns to Lurelin Village, and he is surprised to find that the Lucky Treasure Shop has been restored.[59] [60] He explains that he decided to return after hearing that the Monsters had been driven out, and he is happy to be able to reopen the shop that his father left to him.[61] As a reward, he gives Link five Bomb Flowers, which he claims he picked while he was away.[62][63] Now that he is able to operate the Lucky Treasure Shop, Cloyne invites Link to partake without having to pay any Rupees.[64]

The first House that Link can rebuild is the Village Head's House.[65] In front of the House, Bolson explains that the secondary building requires a Palm-Tree Log to act as a central pillar.[45][46] He reminds Link to find a straight Palm-Tree Log to use.[57] After Link inserts a Palm-Tree Log through the opening, Bolson claims it is perfect before continuing with his construction.[48][37]

Once the detached portion of the Village Chief's House is finished, Bolson is relieved to have somewhere to rest.[66] Rozel and Numar both arrive, and they are happy to see the House has been fixed.[67] Numar rewards Link with three Armored Porgies,[68] which he encourages him to Cook with them.[69] He then becomes worried about the Precious Painting that was on display, and he goes to check if it is intact.[70]

The final building that Link can help restore is Armes's House.[71] At the House, he explains that they once again need to replace the central pillar with a Palm-Tree Log,[45][46] which he reminds Link must be straight.[57] Once this is done, Bolson will construct the rest of the House on his own.[48][37]

With Armes's House complete, Bolson claims that his work is that of a true craftsman.[72] Armes is surprised to see that his House has been repaired, and he is relieved he will be able to return to his job.[73] Since he was unable to help, he gives Link a Purple Rupee to express his gratitude.[74] He also invites Link to take any of the extra Fish he catches from the Water, which he plans to leave in front of his House.[75]

A screenshot of Bolson, Zuta, and Kinov dancing together on a hill overlooking Lurelin Village.
Bolson dancing with Zuta and Kinov

Once all five buldings in Lurelin Village have been restored, Rozel declares that they should celebrate with a feast.[76] As the sun sets, the residents of Lurelin Village gather on a hill behind the town. Rozel recalls the day the Pirate Ship arrived, and he expresses his gratitude to Link for driving out the Monsters and helping restore the Village.[77] He also thanks Bolson for his part, but Bolson claims he was paying them back for the hospitality he received.[78] Rozel declares that Link is Lurelin Village's savior, and Armes reveals that, after discussing it with the other villagers, they did not have enough Rupees or other valuables to repay him.[79] Instead, they decided to extend their hospitality to him, and as a result, he will never have to pay for anything in Village.[80] This includes a staying at the Fishing Resort, eating at Azure Bay, and playing the Treasure-Chest Game.[81] Overcome by his emotions, Bolson invites Zuta and Kinov to participate in the "Lurelin Revival Dance" alongside him.[82] After the feast, Link will be transported in front of the Fishing Resort, and "Lurelin Village Restoration Project" will be completed.


Stage Description
1 The monsters that took over Lurelin Village left destroyed homes in their wake. The buildings will have to be repaired before the villagers can return home, and that will take lots of logs and Hylian rice.

Help rebuild Lurelin Village.
2 You collected all the required materials and gave them to Bolson. At last it's time to begin the repair work.

Follow Bolson's instructions, and help restore Lurelin Village's buildings.
Complete The buildings destroyed by the monsters have all been repaired, and the Lurelin Village reconstruction project is complete. The villagers are so grateful for everything you did, they've vowed to give you free access to all of the village's facilities and goods from here on out.


Names in Other Regions
The People's Republic of China
沃托里村重建计划 (Wòtuōlǐ cūn chóngjiàn jìhuà)[83]
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  1. If Link delivers a group of Logs containing at least one Palm-Tree Log, Bolson is able to identify it and will only take the regular Logs.[19]


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