Robbie's Research

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Robbie's Research

Quest Giver Purah
Location Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
Reward Ancient Arrows ×3
Previous QuestNext Quest
"Locked Mementos""The Skull's Eye"

"Robbie's Research" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


After Link uses the Camera Rune to take a Picture of Purah, she will ask him to retrieve some ancient Materials for her.[2] She says he can deliver them either to her or Robbie, her fellow researcher at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.[3] As a reward, she promises him "something good" from both of them,[4] which begins the Side Quest.

At the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, Link can speak to the Ancient Oven.[5] However, Robbie and Jerrin catch him doing so.[6] Robbie is intrigued by him,[7] eventually asking if he is Link.[8] If so, he reveals that there is something that he needs to tell him,[9] and he asks Link to show the wounds he suffered 100 years ago to prove his identity.[10]

When Link takes off any body Armor he is wearing, Robbie will be recognize the scars on his body and concludes he is actually Link.[11] He introduces himself as the lead Guardian researcher and director of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.[12] Impressed by the fact that Link made it all the way to Akkala,[13] Robbie asks if he has already received assistance from Purah.[14] Though he initially misunderstands Link and thinks Purah had a child,[15] he quickly realizes his mistake and concludes her younger appearance must be due to an experiment gone wrong.[16]

Getting back on track,[17] Robbie asks Link if he is aware of Calamity Ganon regaining its power.[18] He explains that the goal of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is to destroy the Calamity and save Zelda.[19] Robbie had begun to fear that he would pass away before this could happen,[20] but now that Link has awoken, the time has finally come.[21] He declares that Link must join up with the Sheikah, and together they will destroy Calamity Ganon.[22]

When Link responds enthusiastically, Robbie declares that the two of them will end the Great Calamity together.[23] To do so, he wants to provide Link with Ancient Soldier Gear,[24] but the Ancient Oven is currently unable to create any.[25] Production can begin again once the Blue Flame from the Ancient Furnace has been retrieved.[26][note 1]

The Ancient Furnace in Akkala is located on top of Tumlea Heights. The path between the Ancient Furnace and the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is filled with Moblins. Due to how common Rain is in Akkala, there are also Blue Flame Pedestals lining the pathway. Once he returns to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, Link can light the Furnace outside, activating the Travel Gate.[31]

Inside, Robbie will excitedly inform Link that the Ancient Oven is once again operational, attributing it to the power of his love.[32] He grows disappointed upon being told that it was Link's doing,[33] but gifts him with three Ancient Arrows to express his gratitude.[34] He explains that he made them using Sheikah technology and his own upgrades, making them effective against Calamity Ganon.[35]

The Ancient Oven is capable of making Ancient Arrows and other types of Ancient Soldier Gear,[36] though they require Ancient Materials and Rupees to manufacture.[37] The Rupees are needed to fund the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab's research.[38] He reiterates that the two of them will defeat Calamity Ganon,[39] ending the Side Quest.


Stage Description
1 Purah told you that any ancient materials you find can be turned over to Robbie. You can find him presiding over the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.
2 You met Robbie, the director of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

However, Cherry—or rather, the ancient oven—isn't working at the moment, meaning it can't create ancient soldier gear for you.

All it (she?) needs to be up and running again is for you to light the furnace outside with the blue flame.
3 You lit the furnace at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab with blue flame. The ancient oven is now up and running again.

It's time to go tell Robbie.
Complete Though Robbie initially presumed that it was the power of love that set the ancient oven right again, he soon realized the cause was actually you lighting the furnace with blue flame.

If you give it some ancient materials and a generous supply of rupees, the ancient oven will provide some ancient soldier gear in exchange.


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  1. Link can activate the Furnace before interacting with Robbie. In this scenario, Robbie will not question Link's identity,[27] and he comments on how eventful his day has been.[28] He thanks Link for lighting the Furnace and gives him the three Ancient Arrows.[29][30]


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