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Blue Flame Pedestals are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[1] Blue Flame Pedestals go unnamed in Ocarina of Time.

Location and Uses

Ocarina of Time

Blue Flame Pedestals are circular blue stands which appear within the Ice Cavern and Inside Ganon's Castle, and, in Master Quest only, within the Gerudo Training Ground. They act as an infinite source of Blue Fire, which Link can scoop up with an Bottle. Blue Flame Pedestals cannot be extinguished nor lit.

Breath of the Wild

Blue Flame Pedestals are a special type of Torch that can only be lit with a Blue Flame, which can be retrieved from the Ancient Furnaces. However, in Ancient Shrines and Divine Beast Vah Rudania, these Pedestals serve as the sources of Blue Flames. Their lights can be extinguished by Ice Arrows or with a gust of wind from a Korok Leaf.

The paths between both the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab and Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and the nearest Ancient Furnaces are lined with Blue Flame Pedestals. These Pedestals have a protective roof, which keeps the Blue Flame safe from Rain or other environmental hazards. Purah suggests that Link make use of the Blue Flame Pedestals to aid in his retrieval of the Blue Flame for the Lab's Furnace.[2]

The only Ancient Shrine that utilizes Blue Flame Pedestals as part of its trial is Shora Hah Shrine, located on the Isle of Rabac. Within, Link must light several Blue Flame Pedestals in order to progress. In addition, the interior of Divine Beast Vah Rudania is dark when Link first enters, save for two lit Blue Flame Pedestals. He must use these Blue Flames to navigate the darkness and activate Ancient Technology.


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