The Serpent's Jaws

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The Serpent's Jaws

Quest Giver Kass
Location Pagos Woods
Reward Shae Katha Shrine

"The Serpent's Jaws" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


In the Pagos Woods, Link can encounter Kass singing about a forest dragon along the edge of the Faron Highroad.[2] Kass is surprised to meet someone else so deep in the Woods.[3] He knows an "Ancient Song" pertaining to this location, which he asks Link if he would like to hear.[4] If Link agrees, Kass will excitedly share the song with him.[5] The lyrics describe an Ancient Shrine found between the jaws of a forest Dragon.[6] However, Kass has never seen a Dragon in this forest,[7] but he suspects it is referring to Damel Forest.[8] He knows for certain that there is a secret to be found,[9] after which he wishes Link well on his journey.[10] Once he is done speaking, the Shrine Quest.

After passing the ruins at Dracozu Lake in Damel Forest, Link will find the Spring of Courage inside the ruins of a Dragon head. When he prays to the Spring of Courage Statue, a large Goddess Statue that can be found at the Spring, he will hear the voice of Hylia congratulating him for finding the Spring.[11] She instructs him to offer Farosh's Scale and promises to guide him.[12]

Farosh's Scale can be obtained by shooting Farosh's body with an Arrow. It flies out of Riola Spring and through Lake Floria nearby. In addition, it is also found over the Vatorsa Snowfield in the Gerudo Highlands and in Lake Hylia. Once Link has obtained one of Farosh's Scale, he can return to the Spring of Courage.

At the Spring of Courage, Link must drop Farosh's Scale into the water. Doing so will cause the door behind the Goddess Statue to open, which will reveal the path to Shae Katha Shrine. With the way clear, Hylia tells him to go forward.[13] After this, the Shrine Quest will be completed.


Stage Description
1 The ancient song that Kass sang at Pagos Woods is hinting at something...

"Where the forest dragon splays its jaws,
A shrine sleeps with noble cause."

Your task is to decipher its riddle.
2 Kass recited the lyrics to an ancient song when you met him in Pagos Woods. You figured out the hidden meaning of the song and discovered the Spring of Courage as a result. It was at that moment that the voice of the Goddess spoke to you.

"Offer Farosh's scale received from the golden spirit to the Spring of Courage."

What's a Farosh's scale?
Complete "Offer Farosh's scale received from the golden spirit to the Spring of Courage."

Just as the Goddess instructed, you threw Farosh's scale into the Spring of Courage. A shrine appeared as a result!


  • Part of this Shrine Quest was shown before the release of Breath of the Wild in a promotional video.[14]
  • This Shrine Quest is hinted at in Kass's Journal, a Book found in a hut on Washa's Bluff.[15] As the lyrics refer to mythical creatures like Dragons, Kass wonders whether such animals ever existed.[16]


Names in Other Regions
大蛇 喰らいし龍 (Orochi kuraishi ryū) 
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
吞食巨蛇的龍 (Tūnshí jù shé de lóng) 
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
De slangenvreter[17]The Snake Eater
The French Republic
Le mangeur de serpents 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Im Rachen des Drachen 
The Italian Republic
Il drago mangiaserpentiThe snakeseaker dragon
The Republic of Korea
거대 뱀의 이빨 (Geodae baemui ippal) 
The Russian Federation
«В пасти дракона» («V pasti drakona») 
Latin America
Fauces frente a frente 
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