The Spring of Power

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This article is about the Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild. For the location, see Spring of Power.

The Spring of Power

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Quest Giver Nobo
Location East Akkala Stable
Reward Tutsuwa Nima Shrine

"The Spring of Power" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


At East Akkala Stable, Link can meet Nobo, a Hylian traveler.[2] While she has traveled all over Hyrule Kingdom, she finds that she enjoys Akkala the best.[3] As a result, she is familiar with the terrain of the area,[4] and so she asks if there is something Link would like to know.[5]

If Link asks about the surrounding area, Nobo explains that the Spring of Power is west of the Stable.[6] She shares a legend that says that one should offer a "sacred article" to the Spring,[7] which she thinks may have been part of the rituals Zelda performed.[8] After this, the Shrine Quest will begin.

At the Spring of Power, Link can pray to the its Goddess Statue, which is known as the Spring of Power Statue. It congratulates him for finding the Spring.[9] It commands him to offer Dinraal's Scale and says Hylia will guide him.[10]

Dinraal flies through Eldin's Flank and the Tanagar Canyon. Link can obtain one of its Scales by shooting an Arrow at its body. Once he has obtained a Scale, Link can return to offer it to the Spring of Power by dropping it in the Water. When he does, the entryway behind the Spring of Power Statue will open, allowing access to Tutsuwa Nima Shrine, and Hylia encourages him to move forward.[11] This completes the Shrine Quest.


Stage Description
1 You learned of a legend that says to offer a sacred relic to the Spring of Power, located to the west of East Akkala Stable.

The legend didn't say what this sacred relic might be.
2 You found the Spring of Power and heard the Goddess's voice: "Offer Dinraal's scale received from the red spirit to the Spring of Power."

Does this mean that the sacred relic is Dinraal's scale? Who or what is Dinraal?
Complete "Offer Dinraal's scale received from the red spirit to the Spring of Power."

When you carried out the statue's suggestion and dropped Dinraal's scale into the Spring of Power, an ancient shrine revealed itself.

So the sacred relic was indeed Dinraal's scale...


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