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Dinraal's Scales,(BotW | TotK)[1][2] also known as Sacred Articles,(BotW)[3] or Sacred Relics,(BotW)[4] are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses

Breath of the Wild

Dinraal's Scales can be collected from the Dragon Dinraal, who typically flies around the Eldin Mountains or Tabantha Frontier. Link can shoot anywhere along the main body that is not the horns, teeth, or claws to receive the Scales. Dinraal's Scale will fall somewhere on the land in the form of a light. Additionally, the first time Link shoots Dinraal, he will always receive this item, regardless of what part he hit. A Scale can also be found in a Treasure Chest in Hyrule Castle.

Meals made using Dinraal's Scales will result in Dubious Food. However, if they are Cooked with a critter, the result will be an Elixir. They can also be used at the Kochi Dye Shop to make Crimson Dye. Kilton at the Fang and Bone will also accept them in exchange for Mon.

During "The Spring of Power" Shrine Quest, Link will hear a legend about offering a "sacred article" to the Spring of Power.[3] There, Hylia will task Link with retrieving one of Dinraal's Scales and placing it into the Spring.[5] When Link does so, the doorway behind the Goddess Statue will open, revealing Tutsuwa Nima Shrine.[6]

Dinraal's Scales are required to upgrade the following pieces of Armor at a Great Fairy Fountain.

Total Dinraal's Scales required: 3

Tears of the Kingdom

Dinraal's Scales are required to upgrade the following pieces of Armor at a Great Fairy Fountain:

Total Dinraal's Scales required: 3


Names in Other Regions
  • オルドラのウロコ (Orudora no uroko) (BotW)
  • オルドラのウロコ (TotK)
The Republic of ChinaThe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaThe Macao Special Administrative Region of China
  • 奧爾龍的鱗片 (Àoěr-lóng de línpiàn) (BotW)
  • 奧爾龍的鱗片 (Àoěrlóng de línpiàn) (TotK)
The People's Republic of China
奥尔龙的鳞片 (Àoěrlóng de línpiàn) (TotK) 
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Dinraals schub (BotW)[7]Same as English.
The French Republic
Écaille d'Ordrac (BotW | TotK) 
Écaille d'Ordrac (TotK) 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Eldra-Schuppe (BotW | TotK) 
The Italian Republic
Squama di Oldra (BotW | TotK) 
The Republic of Korea
  • 올드래곤의 비늘 (Oldeuraegonui bineul) (BotW)
  • 올드래곤의 비늘 (TotK)
The Russian Federation
Чешуйка Динраля  (Cheshuyka Dinralya) (BotW) 
Latin America
Escama de Eldra (BotW) 
The Kingdom of Spain
  • Escama de Elden (BotW)
  • Escama de Eldra (TotK)
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