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The Cabana Deed is an Item in The Wind Waker.[1]

Location and Uses

When Link first meets Mrs. Marie in the School of Joy, she talks about her four students that have been causing trouble and won't show up to school.[2] She asks Link to talk to them and convince them to return to the school.[3] After winning against the group in Hide-and-Seek, they consider giving Mrs. Marie a gift, and mention that she likes Joy Pendants.[4] If Link brings Mrs. Marie a Joy Pendant, she will give him a Red Rupee and mention that she wishes to acquire 20 of them.[5]

If Link then gives Mrs. Marie 20 Joy Pendants, she will give him the Cabana Deed.[6] This deed makes Link the owner of the Private Oasis, which was previously owned by Mrs. Marie.[7] To gain entrance to the resort for the first time, Link must show this document to the Butler, who at first detests the sight of Link before realizing he is the new owner of the cabana.[8] The Cabana Deed is a crucial Item in obtaining all Triforce Shard, for there is a Triforce Chart located in a Secret Cave inside the cabana.


Names in Other Regions
The Federal Republic of Germany
Urkunde des Anwesens (TWWHD)[10]Certificate of the Estate
The Italian Republic
Invito alla Villa (TWW)[9]Invitation to the Mansion
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