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Chamber Stones are items in Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch.[1]

Location and Uses

Chamber Stones can be given to Dampé to create new Chambers and +Effect Panels for the Chamber Dungeon.[2] A total of 14 can be found around Koholint Island.

Location Method
Town Tool Shop Seven can be bought for 1,280 Rupees each.
Trendy Game Appears after completing Catfish's Maw.
Trendy Game Received after collecting all 10 Figures.
Fishing Hole Obtained after catching an Ol' Baron.
Fishing Hole Obtained after catching a big Ol' Baron (at least 60 units).
Seashell Mansion Obtained after collecting 30 Secret Seashells.
Seashell Mansion Obtained after collecting all 50 Secret Seashells.
Raft Shop Obtained after completing the Rapids Race in less than 30 seconds.


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