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Large Seed Satchels are Items in Skyward Sword.[2]

Location and Uses

Large Seed Satchels are upgrades of Medium Seed Satchels that can be created by trading Gondo five Amber Relics, three Monster Claws, one Golden Skull, one Blue Bird Feather, 100 Rupees, and a Medium Seed Satchel at the Scrap Shop in Skyloft. They have a maximum capacity of 40 Deku Seeds.


Names in Other Regions
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  1. "Let's see, how many Rupees for that... How about 150?" — Peatrice (Skyward Sword HD)
  2. "You upgraded to a Large Seed Satchel! Now it carries up to 30 additional Deku Seeds! Keep it with you when you use your Slingshot!" — N/A (Skyward Sword HD)