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Mystery Jades,[1](TFH) also known as Mystic Jades,[1](ST) are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, Mystic Jades can be sold to the Linebeck Trading Company for 500 Rupees each or traded along with other Treasures for the following Train Cars:

Train CarCost

Tri Force Heroes

Mystery Jades are rare Materials awarded for completing the following Levels and Drablands Challenges of the Woodlands:

  • Moblin Base, "Transport the orb quickly!": one Mystery Jade
  • Forest Temple, "Clear within the time limit!": one Mystery Jade
  • Forest Temple, "Fewer Heart Containers!": one Mystery Jade

They can also be won in the Coliseum and Daily Riches, or purchased from the Street Merchant for 1,000 Rupees each.

Mystery Jades are one of the Materials used to make Linebeck's Uniform and the Queen of Hearts.[1]


Names in Other Regions
神秘のヒスイ (Shinpi no Hisui) (ST | TFH)[4][5]Mysterious Jade
  • Jade mystique (ST)[12]
  • Jade mystérieux (TFH)
The French Republic
Jade mystérieux (ST | TFH)[8][9] 
The Federal Republic of Germany
Jadekugel (ST | TFH)[6][7] 
The Italian Republic
Giada misteriosa (ST | TFH)[2][3] 
Latin America
Jade misterioso (ST | TFH)[10][11] 
The Kingdom of Spain
Jade misterioso (ST | TFH) 
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