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The Royal Valley is an area in The Minish Cap.[1]

Features and Overview

The Royal Valley is located in northwestern Hyrule. It connects to two other areas: North Hyrule Field to the southeast and Trilby Highlands to the south. Gentari directs Link here once he has obtained the first three of the Four Elements needed to create the Four Sword.[2]

The Valley is known for its eerie atmosphere and its dark, foggy climate.[3] Little natural light enters the Valley, so light from the Flame Lantern is used to make headway. The Trees are bleak and decaying, presumably from the lack of sunlight. The entire valley is infested with Takkuri, which roost in the Trees, and ghostly Ghini.

A secret cave can be found by using a Bomb on the wall to the right of the stairs near the Valley's entrance. This cave contains a Great Fairy Fountain that houses the Great Dragonfly Fairy, who asks Link five questions regarding his quest. If he answers them correctly, she will reward him with a larger Quiver.[4] However, if he gets one question wrong, she will take away all his Arrows.[5]

The Valley also contains a forest maze similar to the Lost Woods. Going down at any part of the maze causes Link to leave the forest and return to the starting point. To correctly navigate it, Link must obtain directions from signs along the way.[6] A second set of directions is later given by Dampé, who cannot remember the last turn.[7] This second route leads to a Chest with 200 Mysterious Shells or 100 Rupees if Link has collected every Figurine in the game. The two paths are:

  1. ↑ ← ← ↑ → ↑ (Given by the signs)
  2. ← ← ← ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ (Mostly given by Dampé)

Dampé, the only living Human inhabitant, lives on the other side of the maze and tends to the Graveyard.[8] The Graveyard contains the Royal Crypt, a tomb belonging to Gustaf, a former King of Hyrule. Gina, a rather strange Ghini, lives in a cave underneath the tombstone in the top right corner. She does not attack Link, preferring to Fuse Kinstone Pieces with him. Spekter can also be found here.[9]

Minor Enemies and Traps


Names in Other Regions
王家の谷 (Ōke no Tani)[11]
The French Republic
Vallée des Rois[12]
The Italian Republic
Piana dei re[10]
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