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  1. games - List of String, delimiter: ,
  2. term - String
  3. plural - String
  4. redirectTarget - Page

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Page games term plural redirectTarget
"S" Stone (edit) Series OoS "S" Stone "S" Stones
"Voe and You" (edit) Series BotW TotK HWAoC "Voe and You"
"Voe and You" Is in Session (edit) Series HWAoC "Voe and You" Is in Session
'Lon (edit) Series OoT 'Lon 'Lons
'Splodenspiel (edit) Series CoH 'Splodenspiel
+Bombs Effect (edit) Series LANS +Bombs Effect
+Effect Panel (edit) Series LANS +Effect Panel +Effect Panels
+Hearts Effect (edit) Series LANS +Hearts Effect
+Monsters Effect (edit) Series LANS +Monsters Effect
+Rupees Effect (edit) Series LANS +Rupees Effect
+Shadow Link Effect (edit) Series LANS +Shadow Link Effect
+Wallmasters Effect (edit) Series LANS +Wallmasters Effect
1 (edit) Series TMC 1
1 Player Game (edit) Series FSA Single-Player Game Single-Player Game
1 Player Game (edit) TBFDS 1 Player Game Single-Player Game
1-Up (edit) Series TAoL Doll Dolls Doll
1/4-Heart Container (edit) Series ALttP LA LADX LANS OoT OoT3D MM MM3D OoS OoA TWW TWWHD TMC TP TPHD SS SSHD ALBW CoH Piece of Heart Pieces of Heart Piece of Heart
10 (edit) Series TMC 10
10 Rupoor (edit) Series PH 10 Rupoor 10 Rupoors
10,000-Year-Old Calamity (edit) Series TotK 10,000-Year-Old Calamity
100th Ring (edit) Series OoS 100th Ring
11 (edit) Series TMC 11
12 (edit) Series TMC 12
13 (edit) Series TMC 13
14 (edit) Series TMC 14
15 (edit) Series TMC 15
15-Second Game (edit) Series ALttP 15-Second Game
16 (edit) Series TMC 16
16-Bit Party People (edit) Series CoH 16-Bit Party People
17 (edit) Series TMC 17
18 (edit) Series TMC 18
19 (edit) Series TMC 19
2 (edit) Series TMC 2
2-4 Players Game (edit) Series TBFDS 2-4 Players Game
20 (edit) Series TMC 20
21 (edit) Series TMC 21
22 (edit) Series TMC 22
23 (edit) Series TMC 23
24 (edit) Series TMC 24
25 (edit) Series TMC 25
26 (edit) Series TMC 26
27 (edit) Series TMC 27
28 (edit) Series TMC 28
29 (edit) Series TMC 29
2nd Potion (edit) Series Red Water of Life Red Water of Life Red Water of Life
2nd Potion (edit) TLoZ 2nd Potion 2nd Potions Red Water of Life
3 (edit) Series TMC 3
30 (edit) Series TMC 30
31 (edit) Series TMC 31
32 (edit) Series TMC 32
33 (edit) Series TMC 33
34 (edit) Series TMC 34
35 (edit) Series TMC 35
36 (edit) Series TMC 36
37 (edit) Series TMC 37
38 (edit) Series TMC 38
39 (edit) Series TMC 39
4 (edit) Series TMC 4
40 (edit) Series TMC 40
41 (edit) Series TMC 41
42 (edit) Series TMC 42
43 (edit) Series TMC 43
44 (edit) Series TMC 44
45 (edit) Series TMC 45
46 (edit) Series TMC 46
47 (edit) Series TMC 47
48 (edit) Series TMC 48
49 (edit) Series TMC 49
5 (edit) Series TMC 5
50 (edit) Series TMC 50
50 Rupoor (edit) Series PH 50 Rupoor 50 Rupoors
51 (edit) Series TMC 51
52 (edit) Series TMC 52
6 (edit) Series TMC 6
7 (edit) Series TMC 7
7/4 Time (edit) Series CoH 7/4 Time
8 (edit) Series TMC 8
8-Bit Candle (edit) Series HW HWDE 8-Bit Candle 8-Bit Candles
8-Bit Fairy (edit) Series HW HWDE 8-Bit Fairy 8-Bit Fairies
8-Bit Power Bracelet (edit) Series HW HWDE 8-Bit Power Bracelet 8-Bit Power Bracelets
8-Bit Wooden Sword (edit) Series HW HWDE 8-Bit Wooden Sword 8-Bit Wooden Swords
8-bit Hyrule Field:TP (edit) Series HW HWL HWDE 8-bit Hyrule Field:TP
9 (edit) Series TMC 9
? (edit) Series OoT OoT3D ?
??? (Link's Awakening) (edit) Series LA LADX LANS ???
??? (Majora's Mask) (edit) Series MM MM3D ???
A Balanced Approach (edit) Series BotW Qua Raym Shrine Qua Raym Shrine
A Balanced Plan (edit) Series TotK Rotsumamu Shrine Rotsumamu Shrine
A Balm for the Soul (edit) Series HWAoC A Balm for the Soul
A Battle against the Heat (edit) Series HWAoC A Battle against the Heat
A Battle for Time (edit) Series A Battle for Time
A Bird in the Hand (edit) Series HWAoC A Bird in the Hand
A Birthday Treat (edit) Series HWAoC A Birthday Treat
A Bottled Cry for Help (edit) Series TotK A Bottled Cry for Help
A Bouncy Device (edit) Series TotK Morok Shrine Morok Shrine
A Bridge across the Lava (edit) Series SS A Bridge across the Lava
A Bridge from an Arrow (edit) Series OoT3D A Bridge from an Arrow
A Brother's Roast (edit) Series BotW A Brother's Roast
A Buffet of Delicacies (edit) Series HWAoC A Buffet of Delicacies
A Bumper Crop (edit) Series OoT3D A Bumper Crop