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The Faux Hero is a character in Tri Force Heroes.[2]


The Faux Hero is a young boy dressed in green who can be found in front of Hytopia Castle. He wishes to get inside the castle and insists that he is Hytopia's true hero,[3] but is not allowed in as his appearance does not fit King Tuft's specifications,[4] likely because he has round ears.[1] He reacts with shock and confusion when Link is allowed inside.[5][6]

Although the Faux Hero is never allowed inside the castle, he boasts that he is very popular, and has 15 Friendly Tokens to prove it.[7][8] He challenges Link to a "Chum Challenge" and will give Link one of his Friendly Tokens for every hero he has played with over Local Multiplayer or Download Play.[9] If Link manages to obtain all 15 of his Friendly Tokens, the Faux Hero will react with disbelief before admitting that he has learned from the experience,[10] referring to Link henceforth as his "Numero Uno Chum".[11]


  • The colors of the Faux Hero's hair and clothing greatly resemble Link's from A Link to the Past.
  • Although Link can purchase Friendly Tokens from the Street Merchant following the Ver. 2.0.0 update, the Faux Hero will not acknowledge Link's possession of them when spoken to.


Names in Other Regions
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Boy by castle gates[16] 
城前の少年 (Shiromae no Shōnen)[13]Boy in front of the castle
Faux héros[17]False hero
The Federal Republic of Germany
Junge am Schlosstor[14]Boy at the castle gate
The Republic of Korea
성 앞 소년 (Seong Ap Sonyeon)[15]Boy in front of the castle
Latin America
Chico del castillo[12]Castle boy
The Kingdom of Spain
Chico del castillo[18]Castle boy
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