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Stone Hulls are items in Phantom Hourglass.[1]

Location and Uses

Stone Hulls are Hulls belonging to the Stone Ship set of Ship Parts. They look like ancient strongholds.[2] Just like most Ship Parts, Link can collect multiple Stone Hulls. They can be obtained through various methods:

Attaching three, six, or all eight Stone Ship parts to the SS Linebeck will increase its stamina to five, six, or seven Hearts, respectively. Stone Hulls can be sold to the Treasure Teller for either 50, 150, or 800 Rupees. Their value is determined randomly when the Save file is created, and is the same for all Ship Parts from the Stone Ship set.


Names in Other Regions
Coque de Pierre[7]
The French Republic
Coque de pierre[5]
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Scafo di pietra[3]
Latin America
Quilla de Piedra[6]
The Kingdom of Spain
Quilla de piedra[8]
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