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The Swamp Fishing Hole is a location in Majora's Mask 3D.[1] It is a Fishing Hole in the Southern Swamp operated by the Swamp Fishing Hole Man. Link can Fish here for 50 Rupees or for free by exchanging a Fishing Hole Pass. An oceanic counterpart, the Ocean Fishing Hole, is located in the Great Bay and operated by the Swamp Fishing Hole Man's younger brother.[2]

Notably, the Swamp Fishing Hole and Ocean Fishing Hole are the only areas of Termina outside of a boss chamber where Link can wear the Fierce Deity Mask. However Link will unable to use any combat abilities and will not be permitted to leave until taking it off.[3]

Features and Overview

The Swamp Fishing Hole is located on the Road to Southern Swamp next to the Swamp Shooting Gallery. The entrance houses a shack where the Swamp Fishing Hole Man stands behind a counter. Between the door and the counter is a large bulletin board displaying the fishing journal, Tatl can read it out to Link and display the fish that he has caught. Numerous posters adorn the walls of the shack, displaying pictures of the various kinds of fish that can be found in the area and giving hints on the conditions and masks needed to catch them.

The exterior area beyond the shack features a large deep pool with a stone pillar in the center that Zora Link can access by diving onto it. Deku Link can also reach the pillar by hopping between Lily Pads floating on the water. A small jetty extends from the direction of the shack into the pond. A smaller pool with a waterfall is to the west and is bisected from the main pond by a wooden bridge. Underwater caves can be found below the waterfall and to the north-west. The caves are blocked by vegetation and cannot be entered, but certain kinds of fish will spawn in and around them.

There are three rules posted in a sign next to the jetty, though only the last one can be broken to elicit a reaction from the Swamp Fishing Hole Man.

  • Don't deface our posters
  • Don't drown if ya can't swim.
  • Don't cast lures at people!!!

Random fish types are spawned when Link enters the fishing hole, and leaving and re-entering the area will regenerate the available fish. Link is free to explore the area and scout the ponds as Zora Link before paying for a fishing rod. The Termina Bass, Termina Loach, and Groovy Carp are common fish that can always be found in the pond and do not require any special conditions to catch. There are two "boss fish" that can be found which play the boss battle theme when attempting to catch them: the Colossal Catfish and the Ferocious Pirarucu. There is also one secret boss fish who is not listed on the posters: Lord Chapu-Chapu. This fish will only appear after catching several rare fish in the same game session, and the Swamp Fishing Hole Man will personally congratulate Link on catching it.

The Swamp Fishing Hole will experience rain on the Second Day, despite the surrounding region remaining clear and dry. The presence of rain will lure the Termina Loach to the surface of the pond, allowing it to be caught more easily using the standard fishing rod.

List of Fish

Fish Rarity Availability Lure Description Notes

Termina Bass
Common Anytime Any The Termina Bass!
Lives in the swamp. Quick to bite and easy to reel in. Swims without a care, regardless of time or weather.
Common fish that can be caught easily. Can be found swimming all over the surface of the pond.

Termina Loach
Common Anytime Sinking (clear)
Standard (rain)
The Termina Loach!
Lives in the swamp. Most at home deep underwater. Said to swim to the surface only when it rains.
Common fish that can be caught easily. Appears around the stone pillar. Swims in deep water on First and Final Days but swims near the surface on the Second Day.

Groovy Carp
Common Anytime Sinking The Groovy Carp!
Lives in the swamp. Can be found all across Termina. Likes to swim in the shade of thick vegetation.
Common fish that can be caught easily. Appears along the north-eastern edge, below the vegetation.

Sweet Ranchfish
Rare 6 AM to 3 PM on any day Standard The Sweet Ranchfish!
Lives in the swamp. Fond of rivers that meander through grasslands. Adores ranch melodies.
Appears in the smaller pond with the waterfall. Approaches Link if "Epona's Song" is played.

Fragrant Reekfish
Rare Anytime Standard The Fragrant Reekfish!
Lives in the swamp. Likes to swim in the shallows. Sounds smelly, but it actually has a rather pleasant scent...
A purple cloud marking the fish's location will appear on the surface of the water when wearing the Mask of Scents.

Common Anytime Standard The Mooranha!
Lives in the swamp. A brutal piranha dubbed the "swampland cow killer." Can't resist the sight of a cow.
Approaches Link while wearing Romani's Mask and standing in the water along the shore.

Postal Salmon
Common 6 AM to 9 PM on the First and Second Days. Sinking The Postal Salmon!
Lives in the swamp, where it makes its daily rounds like clockwork. It's pattern looks kind of like a letter.
Will stop moving and splash on the surface of the water while wearing the Postman's Hat.

Rare Anytime on the First and Final Days Standard The Cuccofish!
Lives in the swamp. A small fish that looks uncannily like a Cucco. Said to love a good marching rhythm.
Will slowly approach Link in a straight line while marching with the Bremen Mask.

Ancient Fish
Rare Anytime Sinking The Ancient Fish!
Lives in the swamp. Often referred to as a living fossil. Said to feel a certain kinship with mummies.
Appears close to the underwater cave in the main pool. Can be reeled in more easily when wearing the Gibdo Mask.

Ferocious Pirarucu
Boss Anytime Any The Ferocious Pirarucu!
Lives in the swamp. A carnivore that ruthlessly preys on smaller fish. May go after other fish you're reeling in.
Boss fish.
May bite the line when hooked onto a fish smaller than 15 centimeters.

Colossal Catfish
Boss Anytime on the Final Day Sinking The Colossal Catfish!
Lives in the swamp. Sensitive to earthquakes. Bound to show up when the ground shakes.
Boss fish.
Appears at the base of the stone pillar. Shadow can be seen by performing a ground pound as Goron Link, or with the earthquake tremors that occur on the Final Day.

Lord Chapu-Chapu
Boss Anytime Sinking Jumpin' jellyfish! I don't believe it! That there fishy is the one they call the king o' the swamp! Good work pal! Congrats and all that! Secret Boss fish that resembles Lord Jabu-Jabu.
Appears close to the underwater cave in the main pool. May bite the line when hooked onto a fish smaller than 30 centimeters.

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