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The "Song of the Hero" is a recurring Song in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]


Skyward Sword

The Song of the Hero is learned in four parts: one from Faron, one from Lanayru, one from Eldin, and one from Levias. It is used to open the Skyloft Silent Realm.


Fi accompanies Link's Goddess's Harp with vocals, although their meaning is unknown.

/ne nætaɾesobe/
/atotʃe̞ de̞ sobe̞ sa/

Breath of the Wild

After Kass has returned to Rito Village, he will inform Link that there is a song he wants him to listen to.[3] If Link agrees to listen, Kass reveals that he wanted to tell Link about his teacher, the Court Poet.[4] Kass shares that the Court Poet held the belief that Link would one day return to defeat Calamity Ganon, and he turned that belief into a song.[5] Kass then proceeds to play the "Song of the Hero" for Link.

Once the "Song of the Hero" has been performed, Kass asks on behalf of the departed Court Poet if Link will accept it.[6] When Link does, Kass thanks him.[7]


An ancient hero, a Calamity appears,
Now resurrected after 10,000 years.

Her appointed knight gives his life,
Shields her figures, and pays the price.

The princess's love for her fallen knight awakens her power
And within the castle the Calamity is forced to cower.

But the knight survives! In the Shrine of Resurrection he sleeps,
Until from his healing dream he leaps!

For fierce and deadly trials await.
To regain his strength. To fulfill his fate.

To become a hero once again!
To wrest the princess from evil's den.

The hero, the princess—hand in hand—
Must bring the light back to this land.


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