Daruk, the Goron Hero

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This article is about the Scenario. For the Narration, see Daruk, the Goron Hero.
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Daruk, the Goron Hero

Game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Stage Death Mountain
Playable Character(s)
Boss Igneo Talus
Completion Reward(s) Daruk
Victory Conditions
Defeat the Igneo Talus[verification needed]
Defeat Conditions
  • Link or Daruk flees
  • Southern Mine falls
Main Theme Music
Previous ScenarioNext Scenario
Mipha, the Zora Princess[note 1]Revali, the Rito Warrior[note 2]

"Daruk, the Goron Hero" is the second Scenario of Chapter 2 and fourth overall in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.[1]


The Scenario starts with Zelda asking Daruk to become the pilot of Divine Beast Vah Rudania, which he eagerly accepts. However, he reluctantly tells Zelda and the others that Vah Rudania is located at the top of Death Mountain and that it would be a difficult task to approach it. Optimistically, he decides to go with the help of Link, Impa, Zelda, and the Diminutive Guardian.

Daruk and the others defeat a few Moblins and capture a number of Outposts across Death Mountain. After defeating an Igneo Talus on the north side of the mountain, the group continues on towards the summit and fights a few more Moblins guarding a bridge. Shortly after defeating them, Daruk rolls and slams himself into the bridge, lowering it to provide access to the rest of Death Mountain. The group splits up when the Allied Outpost is attacked, with one headed back to the allies and the other continuing their journey towards the summit.[clarification needed]

Near the summit, the group encounters another Igneo Talus and a Fire Wizzrobe. After the battle, Daruk praises Link for his help and decides to nickname him "little guy".

Upon investigating Vah Rudania, it is decided that Daruk will pilot the Divine Beast. Piloting it down the mountain, Daruk and his Divine Beast defeat numerous monsters, including Fire Wizzrobes and a few Igneo Taluses.[verification needed] He later encounters a large group of Igneo Taluses near the base of the volcano.

After successfully defeating the monsters, Daruk gives Link Prime Rock Roast.


Battlefield-Specific Materials


Names in Other Regions
The Kingdom of the Netherlands
Daruk, de Goron-held[3]Same as English
The French Republic
Daruk, le héros goron[2] 
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  1. "Daruk, the Goron Hero" is unlocked after the completion of "Road to the Ancient Lab".
  2. "Daruk, the Goron Hero" is listed sequentially under the Chapter 2 list of Scenarios, but is chronologically interchangeable with "Mipha, the Zora Princess", "Revali, the Rito Warrior", and "Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief".


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