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The wiki's primary focus is items that relate directly to Nintendo as a company: Its products, its people, and its actions.
— NintendoWiki

NintendoWiki is an independent wiki, founded by RAP, that covers all aspects of Nintendo as a corporation. The wiki was founded in May 2010 on the NIWA forums, by the editors of the three founding members of NIWA, Super Mario Wiki, Bulbapedia, and Zelda Wiki, to be not only the most cumulative source on the Internet for all things Nintendo, but to be NIWA's promotional wiki. Thus, the wiki deals with Nintendo as a whole and strives to internally link every respective, specific topic to one of the many specialized NIWA wikis in turn. After eight months of support and construction, NintendoWiki became NIWA's sixteenth inductee on December 10, 2010.


  • NintendoWiki, as a reflection of NIWA as a whole, incorporates an aspect of every NIWA wiki into its design. For example, the Help Guide template is reminiscent of the same at Zelda Wiki, the overall design is inspired by WiKirby, the bottom toolbar is the same as the one on StrategyWiki, and the color schemes used on NintendoWiki are similar to that of Bulbapedia.