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Durability is a recurring mechanic in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]


Durability causes Link's equipment to wear down with repeated use, eventually shattering when worn down too much.

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, the Giant's Knife will break after 8 hits or upon striking a wall, as it is a less durable version of the Biggoron's Sword.

Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword, Shields' Durability is measured on the Shield Gauge. The Wooden Shield and Iron Shield will lose durability upon blocking a hit. They can be repaired by bringing them to Gondo in Skyloft's Bazaar or by using a Restoration Potion. The Goddess Shield will automatically restore itself over time, and the Hylian Shield has unlimited durability. If Link Parries an attack, no Durability will be consumed.

Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, all Weapons, Shields, and Bows have a limited number of uses before they shatter. If thrown at an Enemy, Weapons will break immediately. The last attack performed by a Weapon before it breaks will always be a Critical Hit that deals twice the Weapon's normal damage. This also applies to attacking while mounted on Lynels, since no Durability is lost while doing so. If a Weapon, Shield, or Bow has full Durability, a sparkle can be seen on the top right of their Inventory icons. If the Item has three or less uses left, their icons will flash red, and a message will appear stating that they are badly damaged. The Durability of Weapons and Shields is restored when they are inhaled and spat out by Rock Octoroks.

For Shields, Durability is lost when struck by an Enemy attack and by Shield Surfing on rough terrain. The latter can be avoided by only Shield Surfing on Snow or Sand. Lynel Shields, Mighty Lynel Shields, and Savage Lynel Shields also lose Durability when Parrying an Enemy.

The Master Sword will not permanently break, instead losing energy on each hit and having a 10-minute recharge period upon depletion. When the Master Sword has three or less uses left, a message appears that states it is low on energy.[2]

For Weapons, Durability will not be consumed if no contact is made, unless it is a melee Weapon that shoots projectiles. This includes swinging at nothing, cutting Grass, hitting Switches, hitting the terrain, and striking Trees with a blunt Weapon.

Tears of the Kingdom

For the most part, Durability is unchanged from Breath of the Wild. However, the Fuse ability can be used to unlock the "bonus" Durability of Weapons. Activating Zonai Devices or hitting any movable Object that does not take damage, such as a Mine Cart, will also consume no Durability. Durability will still be drained when a Weapon generates a projectile that can deal damage to Objects or Enemies. This can be done by Fusing a a Gem or certain Zonai Devices to a Weapon or using Sidon's Power of Water.

If a Shield has a damaging Object Fused to it, such as something sharp, Durability will decrease when Link Parries an Enemy to deal damage to it, much like a Lynel Shield. Zonai Devices such as Rockets and Cannons are also able to lower Durability.

The Master Sword does not lose Durability when used in the vicinity of Phantom Ganon, Demon King Ganondorf, or the Demon Dragon, no matter what is being hit by the Master Sword. This applies even if it is Fused with projectile-shooting Objects, such as a Cannon. As a result of this, if the Master Sword has only one Durability point left, a Critical Hit can be performed on each strike. During the fight against Demon King Ganondorf, the Master Sword's "base" Durability is set to and will remain at its maximum value.


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