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Elevator Blocks are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name references needed]

Location and Uses

Elevator Blocks are obstacles that are found inside Dungeons. They come in two sets, usually in differing colors; one set that acts as barriers that impede Link's path, and another set that has retracted into the floor and poses no such barrier. They are accompanied by one or more Shock Switches that, when struck, cause the two sets of Elevator Blocks to swap states, lowering one set of barriers while raising the other. Like Shock Switches, they are typically colored red and blue.

A Link to the Past

Elevator Blocks make their debut in A Link to the Past. In this iteration, lowered Elevator Blocks match the color of Crystal Switches. If Link is standing on a lowered Elevator Block and toggles the Crystal Switch, he will not rise with the Block.

Link's Awakening

Elevator Blocks function the same, but now the game does properly handle Link standing on top of a Elevator Block upon toggling the Crystal Switch.

Phantom Hourglass

Elevator Blocks function the same as they did in previous appearances. The only difference is the raised blocks matches the color of the Shock Switches rather than the lowered. They are also displayed on the Map.

A Link Between Worlds

In their A Link Between Worlds version, Elevator Blocks are much taller, and Link can Wall Merge on raised ones just like any other wall. If an Elevator Block retracts while Link is Wall Merged into it, he will be knocked out of it. Raised Elevator Blocks match the color of Crystal Switches, unlike in A Link to the Past.

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