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Not to be confused with Hylian Monoliths or Monolith Soft.

Monoliths are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.(OoT | TotK)[1][2][name references needed] Monoliths go unnamed in Hyrule Warriors.

Location and Uses

Ocarina of Time

Monoliths are huge black stone pillars. They are extremely heavy, and thus require the Golden Gauntlets to be moved by Link. There are only three Monoliths present in Hyrule — one within the Fire trial Inside Ganon's Castle, one blocking the entrance to the Light trial Inside Ganon's Castle, and one covering the entrance to the Great Fairy's Fountain containing the Great Fairy of Courage.

Tears of the Kingdom

Kazul with four Monoliths

A total of five Monoliths can be found in the Thyphlo Ruins. They are rectangular Stone Tablets that bear inscriptions upon them.

When Link speaks to Kazul after completing at least one Main Quest related to "Regional Phenomena", he can offer to help with his Monolith Research.[3] Kazul proceeds to show him the four Monoliths he has already discovered,[4] all of which instruct their reader to demonstrate the power of Sages in particular parts of the Thyphlo Ruins. He notes that they are all written in modern Hylian, which is atypical due to their presence in Zonai Ruins.[5] Examining the Monoliths will start the Side Adventures "The Owl Protected by Dragons", "The Corridor between Two Dragons", "The Six Dragons", and "The Long Dragon".

After Link has followed the instructions on the Monoliths and completed their Side Adventures, the entrance to a room below the Thyphlo Ruins will appear. Inside is the fifth Monolith, which details the story of Rauru and the purpose of the Thyphlo Ruins. Kazul decides to stay with the final Monolith to analyze its contents, planning to write a Book about his discoveries upon returning to the Zonai Survey Team Base in Kakariko Village.[6]


Sage of WindSage of FireSage of WaterSage of LightningA Monument to Loyalty
Display the power of the Sage of Wind to the owl protected by many dragons.
— Monolith
Display the power of the Sage of Fire to blaze through the space between two dragons, from head to tail.
— Monolith
Display the power of the Sage of Water in the presence of the six dragons
— Monolith
Display the power of the Sage of Lightning at the end of the long dragon that protects the mountain of death.
— Monolith

A Monument to Loyalty

Hyrule owes its peace today to the gift that King Rauru gave unto us in his noble feat of imprisoning the Demon King.

The great battle, ended with a seal, began with the support from the sages, each of whom bore a shining, secret stone.

Among these were four Hyruleans, loyal warriors all, who hastened to King Rauru's aid as their oaths demanded.

They are the pride of the peoples of Hyrule. This stone monument is dedicated to the loyalty that will echo through time.

— Monolith

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors

Link holding a Monolith from Hyrule Warriors

Monoliths appear as part of Link's Gauntlets moveset in Hyrule Warriors.


  • Although they were never used, data for Monoliths was present on the Japanese 1.0 version of Majora's Mask.[7]


Names in Other Regions
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