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For the characters in A Link Between Worlds, see Masked Follower.
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Followers are a recurring mechanic in The Legend of Zelda series.[name references needed] They are characters that temporarily track Link's movements and follow him around until he guides them to a specific destination or else dismisses them, depending on the situation. Followers often have special abilities that can help Link. Others simply need Link to escort them. Some can be stunned, injured, kidnapped, or killed by enemies.


A Link to the Past

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Link's Awakening

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Oracle of Seasons

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The Wind Waker

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Four Swords Adventures

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Twilight Princess

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In the Forest Temple in Twilight Princess, Link rescues Monkeys and they follow him through the dungeon.[1] After freeing them, they help Link navigate across gaps by forming a chain that he can swing on.

Spirit Tracks

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Breath of the Wild

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