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The Boss's House is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[1] The Boss's House goes unnamed in Tears of the Kingdom.

Features and Overview

Breath of the Wild

The Boss's House is the residence of Bludo, the boss of the Goron Group Mining Company. Goron City's Goddess Statue is located outside of the building, at which Link can exchange Spirit Orbs for Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels.[2] Bludo can be found either inside the House or just outside. Since it is located within Eldin Canyon's Scorching Climate, Link requires at least one level of Flame Guard to avoid catching on Fire while at the Boss's House.

When Link first arrives in Goron City, he can speak to Bludo outside of his House. Bludo expresses his frustration towards Divine Beast Vah Rudania,[3] explaining that it has worsened the eruptions from Death Mountain.[4] In his anger, Bludo ends causing his back pain to flare up.[5] He sends Link to fetch Yunobo from the Abandoned North Mine,[6] which begins the "Divine Beast Vah Rudania" Main Quest.

Once Link helps Yunobo,[7] he must return to the Boss's House to receive three Fireproof Elixirs from Bludo.[8] He decides to go meet Yunobo at the Bridge of Eldin to deal with Divine Beast Vah Rudania,[9] but his plans change when his back pain returns.[10] Instead, he has Link find Yunobo to cancel their plans for the day.[11]

After Divine Beast Vah Rudania has been calmed, Yunobo will bring Link to the Boss's House at Bludo's request.[12] To thank him,[13] Bludo allows Link to keep the contents of a Treasure Chest found inside his House.[14] Inside, Link can retrieve the Boulder Breaker.

Tears of the Kingdom


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