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Gravity is a recurring mechanic in The Legend of Zelda series.(TotK)[1]


The Adventure of Link

A Link to the Past

Link's Awakening

Ocarina of Time

Majora's Mask

Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Ages

Four Swords

The Wind Waker

Four Swords Adventures

The Minish Cap

Twilight Princess

Phantom Hourglass

Spirit Tracks

Skyward Sword

A Link Between Worlds

Tri Force Heroes

Breath of the Wild

Tears of the Kingdom

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Certain locations in Tears of the Kingdom feature low Gravity, primarily Sky Islands. When in these locations, Link's Jumps send him higher and he falls slower.


Other Appearances

Mario Kart 8

This article is a short summary of Gravity in Mario Kart 8.
Super Mario Wiki features a more in-depth article.

Cadence of Hyrule


Names in Other Regions
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