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Ferrus is a character in Spirit Tracks.[2]


Ferrus is a self-described "trainiac" who lives at Wellspring Station.[citation needed] He spends most of his time around Hyrule taking pictures of trains. When Link first meets Ferrus, he reveals the way through the eternal blizzard so Link may reach the Snow Temple. Afterwards, he is found at the Bridge Worker's Home, where he gives Link instructions on how to properly drive the Spirit Train before the young hero embarks with his first passenger, Kenzo. These instructions are also written on papers tacked on the walls of Ferrus' home at the Wellspring Station.

Ferrus claims to be Alfonzo's number one fan. At one point, he asks the young hero to take him to Aboda Village to meet the man and get his autograph. However, once Link and Ferrus reach Aboda Village, Ferrus finds his encounter with his hero incredibly disappointing, for Alfonzo claims that he is no Legendary Engineer, but a Legendary Swordsman. After this, Ferrus can be found at Aboda Village's beach for a time, proclaiming that there must be a Legendary Engineer out there somewhere. He will then send Link a Letter telling him to go to the Fire Realm. Link then takes him to the Ocean Temple where he will be rewarded with a Force Gem. After that, Link will get a letter telling him to go south of the Forest Temple but north of the Forest Sanctuary. He will give Link a random piece of Treasure he found while exploring the Ocean Temple and after that, Ferrus will return to the Wellspring Station and tell Link about his report on the Armored Trains and Dark Trains. Ferrus is last seen taking photographs of trains during the end credits.


  • Ferrus uses lines of dialogue popular on the internet at the time of the game's release, proclaiming "Oh em gee!" when Link agrees to take him to Alfonzo, and "Woot!" when riding the Spirit Train.
  • Ferrus jumps when Link shoots at him with the Cannon.


Ferrus's name comes from Ferrum, the Latin word for iron.

Names in Other Regions
テツオ (Tetsuo)[4] 
The French Republic
Ryan[6]A play on rail (railroad).
The Federal Republic of Germany
The Italian Republic
Celerino[3]From "celere" (fast)
Latin America
The Kingdom of Spain
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