Teach Me a Lesson I

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Teach Me a Lesson I

Quest Giver Symin
Location Hateno Village
Reward ×10 Hylian Rice
Next Quest
"Teach Me a Lesson II"

"Teach Me a Lesson I" is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]


If Link visits the Hateno School during the day, he will find Symin preparing to teach his students a lesson about the Great Calamity.[2] At the start of the lesson, he explains that several Great Calamities have occurred throughout the history of Hyrule, and 10,000 years ago, it was sealed away by a princess and the Ancient Hero.[3] Aster interjects, claiming that this story is a fairy tale.[4] Azu agrees, staring that legend is often blurred with history over time.[5] Karin also wonders what the significance of events 10,000 years in the past could be.[6] Lastly, Sefaro asks for proof of a Great Calamity from 10,000 years ago.[7]

Symin attempts to convince the students that a Great Calamity happened 10,000 years ago, but he realizes that he will need to find proof in order to do so.[8] He claims that he should have had the foresight to borrow the Screen of the Ancient Hero from Impa's House, but it is too far for him to ask for it now.[9] He believes that by seeing the Screen, his students would be able to conceptualize the Great Calamity.[10] Following their conversation, "Teach Me a Lesson I" will begin.

The Screen of the Ancient Hero can be found in Paya's Room on the second floor of Impa's House. Using the Purah Pad's Camera, Link can take a Picture of the Screen. Upon showing the Picture to Symin, he tells his class to look at it for themselves.[11] Aster is impressed by how real it looks,[12] while Azu is shocked that the legend was true.[13] Seeing the Screen makes Karin feel as though it happened yesterday.[14] Sefaro considers the Screen to be enough proof that the Great Calamity actually happened, and he urges Symin to tell them more.[15]

Before moving on with the lesson, Symin thanks Link and asks if he is willing to sit in on his lecture.[16] If Link agrees to listen, Symin explains that Calamity Ganon was sealed away due to the efforts of the Divine Beasts and the ancient princess, the Ancient Hero was capable of defeating the Calamity and bringing peace to Hyrule.[17]

When Symin implies that Calamity Ganon yet again returned,[18] Karin demands to know more.[19] Symin reveals that 100 years ago, a Fortune Teller predicted that Calamity Ganon would return, and when the Divine Beasts were excavated, four Champions were selected as their pilots.[20] Despite having both Princess Zelda and the hero Link, Hyrule was still threatened by Calamity Ganon,[21] Sefaro asks if something happened.[22] Symin reveals that Zelda was unable to awaken her sealing powers until after the Divine Beasts were overtaken and Link was injured, at which point she sacrificed herself to seal Calamity Ganon away for 100 years.[23]

Checking that his students are following along, Symin reveals that Link awoke from his Slumber of Restoration after 100 years, and from there, he reclaimed the Divine Beasts and helped Zelda seal Calamity Ganon.[24] After finishing his story, Symin apologizes for becoming emotional, though he asserts that it truly happened.[25] Standing from her chair, Aster realizes that they owe their lives to those who have fought against Calamity Ganon.[26] Azu proclaims that he wants to be like the Ancient Hero.[27]

With his lesson completed, Symin is relieved to have successfully taught his students.[28] He once again thanks Link for bringing him the Picture, giving him 10 stalks of Hylian Rice as a reward.[29] Symin claims that the development of new vegetables in Hateno Village have lead to Hylian Rice being farmed less, which he is disappointed by.[30] He quietly adds that his next lesson is on home economics and involves Hylian Rice dishes.[31] Afterwards, "Teach Me a Lesson I" will be completed.


Stage Description
1 Symin's students didn't put much stock in the story of the Calamity. He thinks that if he could show them an elaborate picture of the screen depicting the Calamity, they would believe his history lesson.

The screen in question is kept at Paya's Hall in Kakariko Village.
Complete Symin is pleased that the children believed his lesson after seeing the screen depicting the Calamity. He was able to finish his history lecture without further interruption.


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